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QuiBids Strategy

QuiBids is a fun and entertaining way to get some great deals on products you love! It might seem frustrating however if you don't know some of the tricks of the trade for winning QuiBids auctions.

QuiBids Tips

You're probably wondering what the best strategy is, or how to improve your chances of winning an auction on QuiBids. While there is no one guaranteed winning strategy, as we've researched and examined thousands of auctions that have been conducted on QuiBids, we've learned several things that can increase a person's chance of winning a QuiBids auction. Here are a few points of QuiBids strategy to help get you started:

Sometimes the best deals are on the cheapest products

While there are some great deals to be had on our more expensive items, sometimes the best bargains are on our less expensive products. Fewer QuiBids users bid on these items, so you are much more likely to win and with less bids at a lower price.

Place your QuiBids bid within the last 15-20 seconds

By placing a bid in the last few seconds, you know the time will reset and you'll become the last bidder on a QuiBids auction. If someone else bids, time will be added and you'll get another chance to bid. You can see the timer right next to the countdown to see what it's currently being reset at.

If the QuiBids auction persists after a certain number of bids (it's not uniform from auction to auction), the timer will begin resetting at 0:15 seconds after each bid (instead of 0:20 seconds). Finally, if we feel the auction has gone on too long, the timer will reset to 0:10 seconds each time a bid is placed.

Be willing to "go the distance"

QuiBids' legit users are those who are picky about the products they bid on. They carefully choose products they're willing to pay full retail price for, and then, when it comes time to bid — they're in it for the long run. Their willingness to do this increases their odds of actually winning the item because it's very difficult to out-bid a QuiBids user who's decidedly willing to pay full retail price for a certain item.

Less successful QuiBids users are the ones who set unrealistic goals and are unwilling to bid more than a small fraction of the actual retail cost of an item.

Do your research before participating in your first QuiBids auction

As with anything you invest your money in, don't just jump into QuiBids entertainment retail auctions. Watch a few QuiBids auctions first to familiarize yourself with the QuiBids system, and become acquainted with the "Buy Now" option, the Bid-o-Matic tool and our pricing structure. A stronger grasp on the QuiBids entertainment auction system will help enrich your experience and facilitate a better, more fun shopping experience.