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QuiBids Reviews

We love it when our members respond to our articles with QuiBids reviews. Here are some recent reviews on QuiBids that members have posted (please feel free to send us your own QuiBids review – we’d be thrilled to hear from you (and may even post your QuiBids review here!):

QuiBids review from xmen2007on Tuesday October 4, 2011:

Wow I've been a member of Quibids for about 3 days now and I have won 9 items, one of which is retailed at $1,395 and spent probably 70 bucks including shipping. I wish I will not have issues with receiving the items I won. What is the normal turn around time for shipping items?

QuiBids review from timbojoe2000 on Friday April 22, 2011:

Tonight was the first time I bid on some items I spent 60.00 dollars for my first 100 bids and won three different gift cards valued at 85.00 dollars plus 55 more bids and my three cards only cost 6.70 with the delivery and handling! So that means I spent 66.70 and got 118.00 dollars worth of stuff and I blew some bids trying to figure it out even with a real slow internet connection! I still have 78 bids and 85.00 dollars in gift cards, And I don't gamble but I am up 51.30 dollars this site is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QuiBids review from GolinFam on Monday October 18, 2010:

Just found QuiBids this week and I'm hooked! One of the largest draws is that you put a cap on how many auctions you can win per day/month. This assures me that there are not a whole bunch of 'professionals' preying on all the products to bid on and then resell. It gives a lot of us a fair chance, and sets a structure for us bidders to decide on what we really want!

QuiBids review from Sirobone on Tuesday August 31, 2010:

This is awesome! I just found this site and feel like i've been missing out! I can't wait till payday... i was going to be doing a big shopping trip anyways... now i can try and win them cheaper... and if not... i still had plans to spend retail value anyway. This is fantastic!

QuiBids review from mvflythe72 on Sunday September 19, 2010

I love this site "Quibids". I started to buy vouchers last 2nd week of September when I read about this site in yahoo. I bought and started bidding to try if it's real. After bidding on stuff i like after a week I got the stuff I won. I can't believe it's real but it's real. I actually paid stuff really cheap. I love it!!!

QuiBids review from Machiavelli on Tuesday March 9, 2010:

Just wanted to say thanks for the helpful hints here; I went slow and practiced and now on my 4th day in I have already capped my 8 wins per 28 say period and got some very nice deals on items I really wanted/needed. Thanks again!!

QuiBids review from LastSam57 on Tuesday March 9, 2010:

I've been hooked on this site and being a newbie just a week ago, have gotten the hang of it, I think, but all in all, great deals and love the site! I have won small items and hotter items, where I've done ebay too, and your site is contagious and just as competitive! Thanks QuiBids! I hope to add some friends to here too. I'm a believer! Aloha.

QuiBids review from Pnoy2 on Tuesday March 2, 2010:

I won 3 items in my first 24 hours of joining - yes maximized the limit! This site is awesome. I agree with the "beginners advice" they are giving. Try the small items first - things you need (or like very much) so if you don't win - you can just buy them. Yes, I also ended up buying 2 items where I lost - so no money wasted on bids. Now I'm hooked!!! Just waiting til that 24-hour expires.

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