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The QuiBids Redesign - 5 Things You Need To Know

You might notice that we had some work done!

While the most obvious changes in the QuiBids redesign are cosmetic, we’ve upgraded several of our site’s working parts, too. Let’s have a look at five of the biggest improvements and a few miscellaneous touch-ups that are going to raise the bar on your QuiBids experience!


Now you've got more auction statistics and sorting options

The old QuiBids meant you had to open a handful of browser windows to search for multiple auctions for the same product. Now you can view all active auctions and their statistics on the same page! And with our new Display By, Sort By, and Filter By options, finding exactly what you need is fish-in-a-barrel easy.


We improved the search feature

We not only installed a new search bar at the top of every page, we powered it with a much faster system too!

This new search bar is also much smarter. It learns from your searches and pulls down the most popular results, Autocomplete-style, before you even finish your query. The end result is a much more reliable, easier to use, and way faster search feature!


The site navigation is much smoother

The biggest, most obvious improvement? QuiBids looks better! We've arranged more information into less space without cramming it all in there, so it feels streamlined.

We did away with some unnecessary tabs along the main toolbar, which consolidated space throughout the site. We also untangled some of the mess creeping between our FAQ section and the QuiBids 101 pages, resulting in a better user experience!

But don't take our word for it — go ahead and try it out for yourself! Happy bidding!


My QuiBids is now in the top-right corner of the page.

We thought that main toolbar near the top of every page was starting to get crowded, so we moved your My QuiBids account up to the top-right corner of the screen, next to your remaining bids indicator. Now managing your QuiBids starts as easily as scrolling to the top of the page!


Your Auction Limits are now on the QBar.

Looking to see how many more auctions you can win before you hit a limit? Go to your QBar and click on your username to stay on top of your wins!

Miscellaneous other improvements

While the big three listed above are our most immediately noticeable and directly helpful upgrades to QuiBids, we improved your overall user experience a bunch of other ways too. You may not notice all of them at first (or at all) but you can rest assured that we took great care to maximize what works best about QuiBids and do away with what doesn't.

Now you can arrange auctions on the home page.

Ever wish you could organize auctions into rows or columns instead of having to scroll up and down to monitor the action? Now you can simply drag and drop them from one position to another, categorizing them however you like!

We built product pages for every item we sell.

Now browsing for great stuff on QuiBids is even easier thanks to the product page! You can view all scheduled auctions for any given product, as well as the product's description and most recent auction statistics.

We added an icon legend to the bottom of the auction page.

Wonder what that little joystick in the top-right corner of the auction window is? It indicates that the item comes with a Gameplay, which you can check against the legend at the bottom of the page.

We improved your Watchlist!

Instead of scrolling through a bunch of auctions piled up at the bottom of your My QuiBids account, you can now sort, display, and filter your Watchlist by several different features, which means you can add a ton more items to your Watchlist without losing track of them!

Now you’ve got a Checkout bar.

Ever find yourself winning auctions so often that you’re not entirely sure which ones you’ve paid for and which ones you haven’t? Well now, we’ve added a Checkout bar to let you know which items are waiting for you to go to My QuiBids and ring up.

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