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Introducing the QuiBids Store

Another way to shop

As of right now, you can shop with QuiBids the same way you do at any other conventional online retailer, but at the QuiBids Store you earn Voucher Bids with every purchase. In other words, you're running out of excuses for shopping anywhere else! Let's see what our Store has to offer.

Hover your cursor over the Browse tab to read the new dropdown menu. From there you’ll be able to check out all live auctions or visit the QuiBids Store. Hover over a specific category to see all sub-categories and the most popular brands.


Shop the way that's best for you

Finding the product you want has never been easier or more fun on QuiBids. Drop down to "Store" from the new "Browse" tab on the main toolbar to shop by product category, sub-category, and brand. Once inside the QuiBids Store you can filter categories and sub-categories by the following attributes:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Price ranges
  • Voucher Bids with Store purchases
  • Brand


Tens of thousands of products

The QuiBids Store hosts our entire inventory, which is growing by thousands of products each week. Unlike the old QuiBids where you could only bid on a single item in a single auction, you now have the power to bid on or purchase a product from a huge and ever-growing assortment of items!


Voucher Bids

Why purchase direct from the QuiBids Store? Because you earn Voucher Bids every time you do! Every purchase you make stocks your account with more and more Voucher Bids, and that means more opportunities to win big in the auctions!


QuiBids Reviews

Our new Reviews feature allows QuiBidders to search for the most popular products on our site! In fact you can now write your own reviews and comments, and you can even rate whether or not a particular review was helpful.

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