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QuiBids 101

The QuiBids Guaranteed Win Progam

QuiBids offers a new and revolutionary way to participate in online auctions and win brand new factory sealed products at the lowest prices anywhere!  We are committed to ensuring that our customers have the best experience possible while using QuiBids.   That’s why we offer our users a risk free way to participate in QuiBids!

Every new customer is invited to be a part of our Guaranteed Win Program.  The Guaranteed Win program makes sure that anyone who buys a bid pack on Quibids will be able to win an auction or your money back. 

Here’s the skinny on how you can participate in this program:

   1. Buy a Bid Pack.  We recommend the Beginner Package ($45.00), but will apply to any Bid Pack purchased.

   2. Select one or more Beginner Auctions to participate in.  Beginner Auctions are limited to only new users who have never won.  Beginner Auctions are clearly marked and have their own section on our site. When you participate in them, you don’t have to compete with anyone who has already won something.

   3. Spend as many bids from your first Bid Pack as it takes to win in our beginner section.  For the best chance to win, focus your bidding on one auction at a time.

   4. Lock down an auction win!  If you don’t happen to win, simply contact us and we will make it right by either refunding you your money, or if you want to try again, refund you all your bids spent!

It’s that simple.  Remember, you are guaranteed to win something or your money back!

Just remember a few of the Guaranteed Win program rules:

   1. To qualify for the guarantee, You must spend all of your initial bid pack purchase on Beginner Auctions until you win.  You can’t spend half your bids on are normal auctions and then half on Beginner auctions. Once you win the guarantee is fulfilled, and you can spend the rest of the bids on anything you like.  Of course, you can choose not to participate in the guarantee program and bypass the beginner auctions.

   2. We cannot refund bids that are used towards our “Buy Now” feature

   3. The money back guarantee applies only to your first bid pack purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee further bid pack purchases.

That’s it!  You’re moments away from locking down a great deal

Click Here to Register Now!

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