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QuiBids 101

How does QuiBids differ from other online auction sites?

Last we checked, approximately 15,475,291 auction websites are out there (estimated), each trying to offer you the best deal. So what shoves QuiBids out in front of the rest of the pack?

Just saying “We’re just the best,” might work for professional athletes before competition, but it doesn’t work for an online business. Or any business, for that matter. Here, we’d like to explain the differences between QuiBids and others auction sites, what you can come to expect from us, and why you should spend your time and hard-earned money shopping on our site.


QuiBids was founded in October 2009 by people who experienced and analyzed the online auction industry firsthand. They found that it lacked some much-needed professionalism. Our founders established QuiBids on a proud foundation of moral and ethical business tactics. They sought to provide customers with the best deals they could, while simultaneously increasing this clean reputation. This philosophy remains at the core of our corporate structure.

So with that said, here are a few ways that QuiBids sets itself apart from the competition.

Establishing an ethical reputation

There are hordes of shady penny auction sites online. We quickly learned that building a strong reputation as a reliable and ethical e-business among so many unseemly ones would be difficult. We started by joining our local Chamber of Commerce. Second, we registered with the Better Business Bureau and continue daily to maintain our excellent rating and relationship with them.

QuiBids also researches other independent companies as a barometer to validate our business and to ensure that we run it ethically. QuiBids recently completed an independent third-party audit by Grant Thornton in accordance with attestation standards established by the AICPA. We’re always open to third party audits on our business model, to assure our customers that we’re serving their interests.

The "Buy Now" feature

We’re one of the few online auctions to offer a 'Buy Now' feature (or one similar to it), which guarantees that you may use the money spent on lost bids toward the purchase of an auctioned item. It guarantees that nobody ever has to walk away empty-handed from an auction.

The most online winners

We also distribute more winners each day than most other penny auction sites. About 40% of our new customers win an auction in their first day on QuiBids. That number fluctuates, but we're always working to push the percentage higher. More wins means more happy customers!

Transparency and serving the customer

What you’re reading right now — QuiBids101 — also sets us apart from the pack. Again, we're one of the very few (if not the only online auction website) in our field that provides our users with insightful tips and tricks and crystal-clear transparency into our business model. We love when users provide constructive criticism and evaluations of our site operations.

Why? Because without you, the customer, there’d be no us! So please comment on our posts. We always appreciate your feedback. Unless they’re nonsensical or told in riddle form.

Excellent customer service

One last talking point is our sterling customer service record. While it’s a constant struggle to maintain, we do believe that our customer service is second to none, and that serving you well is in the top tier of our business interests.

We strive to respond to all of our customers within 24 hours of receiving customer support ticket, and a problem occurs during normal business hours, all you have to do is call us up! We're happy to help answer your questions about our site.

There's more to come...

While these are just a few of the reasons we are a leading online auction website, there are plenty more that are on the way. Here at QuiBids, we’re constantly expanding the site and increasing functionality to improve user experience for our customers.  Keep your eyes open because in the next few months you'll see several changes. We promise they’re for the better!

Comments (2)


nadsak Says:

Friday March 19, 2010

Just joined 20 min. ago and already won a gift card at a great price. I am considered a pro at your biggest competitor(38 wins, including 3 laptops and 2 46 LCD TVs), but they changed some rules for the buy now. They now only give 25% credit?! I might just stick around here and see what happens. :)

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

Glad you're already having a good experience. We definitely plan to keep our Buy Now the way it is.


larry31550 Says:

Thursday May 5, 2011

I've been too many auctions sites and I've won some and lost some, but Qbids is the best site on the web. Auctions are fair and fun and lots of good stuff to bid on. Keep up the good work!!

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Thank you! We're glad you are enjoying the site!

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