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QuiBids 101

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make

Users new to QuiBids often require some time and help before they completely understand our auction platform and start winning auctions. We here at QuiBids hate for any new user to struggle with using the website. We understand you can shop anywhere, so we want for you to succeed on our site and to enjoy yourselves doing it. So here goes a little article offering some tactical advice for you beginners. It’s natural to feel daunted going into your first couple of auctions, so consider this your plan of attack. 

Let’s start with two scenarios typically encountered by new QuiBids users: 

Scenario 1: Joseph Blow purchases $24 worth of bids in an attempt to haul in a new laptop. "This is great!” Joe says. “I'm going to score this laptop for $24 at most and save a ton of money!"  

True to his last name, Joe spends all his bids on the laptop auction, but doesn’t walk away with a brand new computer. 

"I don't like QuiBids!” Joe says. “I didn't get my laptop for $24 and lost all my money! I'm never coming back."  The story ends sadly for Joe and QuiBids both, since he lost $24 and we lost a customer.

Scenario 2: Sally Shopper stumbles upon the QuiBids site, drawn in by the amazing low prices that QuiBids products sell for. “How hard can this be?” she says. “It doesn’t look much different from eBay. This’ll be fun!”

Sally buys a BidPack and dives into the action headfirst. She spends $10 before realizing that auctions reset every time someone bids. "That’s not how eBay works!” she says. “I can't believe I wasted all this money. Forget that!” So ends another sad story.

We've heard countless stories like these two. Some of you might be able to relate.  It really hits home to lose money. We don’t want anybody to walk away empty-handed like Joe Blow or Sally Shopper, who fell victim to three of the biggest mistakes that users make in their first experiences with QuiBids. They are:

1) Setting unrealistic expectations

We can't stress this enough, but users need to set realistic goals when participating in auctions.  If someone is new to an online auction, he or she shouldn't expect to win a laptop on the first try with only the cheapest bid pack available. We’re not saying it couldn't happen... it could and it has. BUT, it is highly improbable. Know that you’ll be bidding against users with far more experience and that the odds are against you because of it.  

While everybody loves an underdog, we encourage new users to start using the site by participating in smaller auctions. You’ve gotta crawl before you can walk, right?

2) Going for the big catch

It’s not wise to immediately go after the most popular item on our site.  There are a lot more competitors vying for the popular products,  and many of them are our highly skilled veterans. Once acquainted with the site you’ll then understand that going after popular products warrants certain measures to protect your bid investment. We recommend that you commit to only one such auction at a time and that you don’t get too involved without considering using the “Buy Now” feature (if you don’t win, that is).

Don't spread yourself too thin when bidding on the big-ticket items.  Be willing to devote more time and money to increase your odds of winning.  We find that any participant willing to spend about 1/3 of the value of the item in bids greatly increases his or her odds of winning the item.

3) Jumping right in 

As with anything you invest your money in, do research before jumping into QuiBids entertainment retail auctions. Each auction is going to be different from the others, so read and understand our Terms & Conditions, familiarize yourself with the "Buy Now" option, the Bid-O-Matic tool and our pricing structure. We also recommend carefully watching other auctions to see how they unfold.

All this will help you to understand “the nature of the business," as well as what we strive to accomplish with our site.  By limiting your understanding of the system, you are setting yourself up at a severe functional disadvantage.

As we always say, we offer a fun and exciting online auction experience for our customers. We think that a stronger grasp on the QuiBids system will help enrich your experience and facilitate a better, more fun shopping experience.


Comments (128)


slimdogg Says:

Friday January 22, 2010

How long am i considered a beginner?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

You are considered a beginner until you win your first auction.



Wednesday February 17, 2010

I can't seem to find this answer . . . at what point does an auction end? I understand you add time until you make the cost of the item. Does time stop being added in once you cover the cost or at a certain percentage over cost? Seems like it could keep going on forever.

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

Time is only added when people bid.  An auction ends when no one else bids, and that last bidder then wins the auction.  We don't let auctions go on just to cover our costs, therefore we end up losing on quite a few auctions. We keep it fair.  


fairy Says:

Wednesday February 24, 2010

I just made a bid and it told me to confirm my E-mail address. How do I do that?

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

You can confirm your account by going to your e-mail inbox, and finding the confirmation e-mail that we send out. Just click on the link provided in the e-mail and your account will be confirmed.



Wednesday February 24, 2010

What happens if I run out of bids in the middle of bidding for an item?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

In that case, you'll have run out of bids (you'll see at the top/bottom of your screen how many remain) and will need to purchase more to continue.



Thursday February 25, 2010

So say you buy your bid package and then decide that QuiBids inst for you do you have to use these bids or do they get credited back to you when you deactivate your account

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

Make sure to contact support via email! You can send in an email to All unused real bids are eligible for a refund within one year of purchase.


rnoriega193 Says:

Sunday February 28, 2010

Okay, I'm trying to understand the "last bidder" concept. Does that mean that if I bid last within the last 10 seconds and nobody bids afterwards within those 10 seconds that I win? Or, does it mean that if I bid, the clock auto resets to 10 seconds, and it has to go the full 10 seconds without a bid for me to win?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

The full 10 seconds will need to count down to 0, without any other bidders placing bids into the auction, for you to be the "last bidder" and win the auction.



Tuesday March 2, 2010

I understand the whole resetting of the clock thing as long as people continue to technically, an auction could continue on for an hour/hours after it has counted down to zero and continues to reset a few seconds as long as people continue to bid - is that right?

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

Yes, that is correct.


yitz1913 Says:

Thursday March 4, 2010

If i place a bid and i lose do i have to pay that money?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

All bids that are place into auctions are non-refundable, regardless of whether you win or lose. However, you will not be responsible for the auction ending price, as that price is only applicable to the winner of the auction.



Monday March 8, 2010

Say I win a bid for $5.00... what else do I pay? Is there any hidden charges to look out for... like if I win the 5 dollar bid is that all I pay or is it more for the item after I win the bid?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

There are no hidden charges! At checkout you only pay the auction end price, plus any shipping charges. Since the bids you use in auctions are prepaid, you do not pay for those at checkout.


americancurl Says:

Wednesday March 17, 2010

What is the difference between a bid pack and a bid voucher?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

'Real Bids' are bid packages purchased at full price, and they can be used towards the Buy Now feature. Additionally, unused real bids can be refunded to you at any time. Voucher bids are received through either a promotional offer or won/purchased in an auction. They cannot be used toward the Buy Now option, and are non-refundable, as you were able to receive them at a discounted rate, or for free.


narwhal91 Says:

Wednesday March 17, 2010

When bidding on an item, do you just click the bid button and the bid is placed? Or are there any other steps?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Simply click the "Bid Now" icon. There are no other steps to bidding! As long as you have bids in your bids account, you are good to go!



Tuesday March 30, 2010

Let's say I win an auction for $25, but I only bought a 45 bids package for $27.00. How do you get the remaining cost (S/H too). Would you charge my credit card I gave to buy the item?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

At checkout, when you are claiming your won item, you will enter your credit card information on the payment page. The bids in your account are not eligible to be used towards the cost of an auction, they are strictly for bidding purposes.


sobrien331 Says:

Sunday June 6, 2010

If I just won an auction for 25 bid (beginner here), how can I tell when those bids expire?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Go to "My QuiBids" and click on "Bid Credit History." You will find information such as the date and time the bids were put into your account, a description and an expiration date (if applicable).



Monday August 9, 2010

Is a running total of the number of bids I have remaining displayed for me while I'm bidding?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Yes, you can view your remaining bids in the top right corner of your screen right next to your name. You can also see this information in the QBar at the bottom of your screen, next to the words "My Bids."


CaustinH Says:

Sunday August 15, 2010

If you win an auction, how do you pay for the item?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

You can purchase your won item by going to the "My QuiBids" tab and clicking on the "Buy Now" icon next to the picture of the item located under the heading, "Ready to Claim."


SnowWhite11 Says:

Monday August 22, 2011

When you win a voucher bids how does that work? Does it go straight to your QuiBids account?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Once you win an auction of Voucher Bids, you will need to go through the checkout process and pay the auction end price. As soon you have successfully claimed your won auction of Voucher Bids, they will be added to your account.


lance1955 Says:

Saturday August 27, 2011

Once and Item is won, do you provide a tracking number? Thanks

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

As soon as tracking information is provided, it will be available to you in the 'Order History' section of your account when you click on the 'View Details' icon.


carl9391 Says:

Friday September 16, 2011

Can I view some auctions before purchasing bid packs?

kmcmullen@QuiBids Says:

Yes, you can have an account for no charge. However, please keep in mind that QuiBids is a pay to participate auction site. You must purchase bids in order to participate in our auctions.



Tuesday September 27, 2011

Hi there, For Canadians... if we win an item, will it cost us the bids, the price at winning, taxes, duty, AND shipping and handling? If so, it won't really be worth it for me. Thanks, JUMIRE

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

You are not required to pay duty charges, as all items will ship to you from within the country you are located.


bsmart229 Says:

Thursday October 13, 2011

What if I place 1 bid and no one else places a bid, could I win the item with that one bid even if the item cost is over $300?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Yes! That is a possibility, if you only place one bid in an auction and no one else bids you can win an item for as little as one bid!


wilshun Says:

Friday October 21, 2011

If an item is won at 50 bids and I place only one bid, which turns out to be the winning 50th bid, am I responsible for 50 bids ($30) or just the one bid I placed (.60)

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Only the bids you place in an auction will be deducted from your bids account. In this case, only 1 bid would be deducted from your account. If you are the winner, you are responsible for paying the auction ending price plus shipping. Since 50 bids were placed in the auction, the ending price would be only $0.50 cents!


megera6 Says:

Friday November 11, 2011

When you bid it resets the time, right? So does that time ever get shorter? Say I'm watching a bid and it says at 20 seconds, will it ever get shorter than that or does it remain at 20 seconds until the bid is over? If it does get shorter, how much time will it go down to? 10 seconds? 5 seconds?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Yes, the time does go down. This timer will move form 20 to 15 to 10 depending on the duration of the auction.


EsteCa Says:

Saturday November 19, 2011

What if something doesn't work when you buy it? Is it a buyer beware?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

If you receive a defective item, please contact support within 60 days of receiving the item and we would be happy to come to a resolution with you! You can contact support by sending an e-mail to


mjh88 Says:

Tuesday January 10, 2012

So there are no charges on your credit card aside from purchasing bids correct? No monthly fees, no subscription fees, only when you wish to purchase more bids? And there's no required amount of bids to have in your account to remain a user?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

That is correct! There are no monthly or subscription fees. The only time your credit card is charged is when you authorize a transaction. There is also no minimum requirement for the amount of bids in your account to remain a user.


r4m05s Says:

Friday August 3, 2012

Why cant you ship the items in the same package...This will save the customer money on shipping and handling.

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Items are often shipped from different fulfillment facilities, or shipped separately depending on the item and time of purchase. We have no way of insuring that any two items will be shipped together, which is why each item has its own shipping cost.


mttmnraem9 Says:

Saturday November 10, 2012

What do the little arrows on each side of the box of each item. I clicked them and it changes the item. Does that mean you can change the item in that box and bid on it?

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

You are viewing a You Choose It Auction. There are now multiple items available for each auction ID. Just like our old auction model, you’re still just bidding on one auction, one product. But now that one product is left up to you! You can scroll through the items available and select which item you would like to bid on. When you win the auction, you will have the chance to select any of the items available.


stevens1934 Says:

Sunday December 16, 2012

How does one find out the details of a bid product? Ex. Golf club set have various # of clubs, steel or graphie shafts, stiff, regular, or senior flex.

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

Directly on the auction page, you can view the 'Descriptions' tab at the bottom of the page. This tab will provide you with detailed product information.


mcecil2 Says:

Wednesday December 26, 2012

Hi, I am a beginner and I tried to bid but was told to wait until 5 minutes before the item expired to bid. Is this the case on all items?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

That is correct! You cannot place a bid into an auction, until the time reaches the 5 minute mark.


TaylaTyson Says:

Friday December 28, 2012

how do you find out the shipping cost before you bid on an item?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

Shipping charges and/or transaction fees are located at the bottom of each auction page under the Product Details section and can be reviewed before even one bid is placed in auction.


jessemedinatitan Says:

Sunday January 6, 2013

If I bid do I lose that money that I bid with even if I don't win the bid

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

All bids that are placed into auctions are non-refundable, regardless of whether you win or lose. However, that is where the 'Buy Now' option is useful!


jijiq Says:

Monday January 7, 2013

I activated Bidomatic. If I win the bid, do I get an email notification so I can claim and pay for the product?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

If you win an auction, you will be notified via pop-up, email and the won auction will be listed in the "Won Auctions" section of your account.


Oinkmaster Says:

Wednesday January 9, 2013

Is there a specific shipment carrier that you use in delivering a large/heavy item.

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

We utilize several different carriers and freight companies. After an item is shipped out, the information regarding the designated tracking number and carrier used is made available to you in the "Order History" section of your account.


SRLP86 Says:

Sunday January 13, 2013

do I have to buy a starter pack when I sign up or can I join up and use my 3 free bids to get a feel before purchasing a pack of bids?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

In order to redeem those three free bids, you must first purchase the "Starter Bids Package." Please note, all unused real bids are eligible for a refund for one year, after purchased.


BriskOfferMaker Says:

Friday January 18, 2013

You say bids can expire, if applicable. Which bids expire? Only Voucher bids? And does the "lifespan" vary for each set of expirable bids?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

All bids have designated expiration dates. These expiration dates are available to view in the "Bid Credit History" section of your account.


Rabisamir Says:

Thursday January 31, 2013

are all the items used or not used?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

We only auction off brand-new, factory sealed items!


kingquarles Says:

Tuesday February 5, 2013

so , if the auction ends at 2.59. And you won do i just go claim it or do i have to pay again

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

After winning an auction, you will need to "claim" the item, which adds that to your cart. From there, you will need to proceed to checkout, in order to purchase that won auction, as you are required to pay the auction ending price, plus shipping.


ChrisF19 Says:

Wednesday February 20, 2013

you mention that you accept paypal can you buy bids on paypal or do you need to use your credit card

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

For billing purposes, the first purchase is required to be made with a valid credit/debit card. After that, Paypal become an option.


WinzLikeCrazy Says:

Thursday February 28, 2013

How do we get free bids not by waiting for a friend to join?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

There are a few ways that you can earn free bids, other than referring friends. You can also earn badges within your account. Each badge is earned by reaching certain achievements in your account. When you claim a badge, you will receive free bids. Also, you can like QuiBids on facebook and follow us on Twitter and have a chance to win the daily giveaways!


mrsj1541 Says:

Sunday March 3, 2013

It appears to become a "member", you have to purchase the $60 bid pack? Once you become a member, are there bid packs available in other amounts, either less or more? Or are you always required to purchase bid packs in increments of $60? Thank you for your time.

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

After that initial purchase, smaller and larger bids packages are available to purchase in the "Buy Bids" section of your account.


lanaweinhart Says:

Saturday March 16, 2013

if i lose a bid am i charged for the cost i was bidding

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

If you lose an auction, you are not required to pay the auction price, no. However, the bids that you placed into the auction are non-refundable. But, that is where the 'Buy Now' option is useful!


vandollhouse Says:

Thursday March 28, 2013

is it possible that the bidding time could go on beyond the price of the item?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

We do not allow users to pay more for an item then it is worth. Therefore, an auction will automatically end, once it reaches the value price. However, it very rarely reaches that point.


jansstuff01 Says:

Sunday March 31, 2013

What does that "1x" in the corner of an item mean?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

That "1X" indicates that the winner of the auction will also be awarded with a 1X Gameplay! Gameplays allow you to play one of our games (located in the "Games" section) for the chance to win some free bids!


homenow10 Says:

Wednesday April 10, 2013

are all the auctions now "choose it auctions"?? if not, how do you change to single item auctions? and how do you browse a certain category without having a specific item in mind?

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

Yes, all auctions (excluding Voucher Bids and Limit Busters)have the "You Choose It" feature.


louiebobo1971 Says:

Friday April 12, 2013

where are the beginners auctions

lstuckemeyer@QuiBids Says:

Beginner’s auctions are mixed in with regular auctions and can be differentiated by the blue "B" indicating "Beginners Auction." Furthermore, those auctions are also outlined in blue, in the "All Live Auctions" section.


Srahimmk Says:

Wednesday January 1, 2014

how much will the shipping cost be for Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Our shipping rates are always listed in the Item Description for your review prior to placing any bids in an auction! We are want you to know early so there are no surprises!


rl100th Says:

Wednesday January 1, 2014

NOT BIDDING TODay. There is too much to read before bidding.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

That is an excellent strategy!


juliec1973 Says:

Wednesday January 1, 2014

I was watching an auction and keen to bid but waiting and then the auction became locked. why is this and what exactly is the locked function for and how is it determined when the locked function is going to be used?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Every auction will lock at some point if it goes long enough. When that point is though is random. You can learn about when an auction may lock and how to stay in it here:


mahinakj Says:

Saturday January 4, 2014

i'm a beginner. what's the lowest bid a person can bid? or is it already determined once it starts? for instance, if I press the 'bid now' button, will it ask me to place a penny, nickel, etc bid?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Every time you place a bid, the auction price is raised by one cent.


Alexlu1218 Says:

Sunday January 5, 2014

How long does it take to receive what you won

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We try to ship everything out as quickly as possible, but it can take up to 7-14 business days for an order to process, ship and be delivered.


kimdillon Says:

Thursday January 9, 2014

I am still confused about the bid costs. If I bid several times, lets say. .50 + .70 + $1.00 and am not the successful bidder; how much do I pay for these three bids?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Each bid costs $0.60 (so if you bid 3 times with real bids, that total is $1.80) and each time you bid, the auction price is increased by $0.01.


bwbee Says:

Friday January 10, 2014

How do you enter the beginner's auction

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Beginner's auctions are reserved for users who have not yet won their first auction. You can find these auctions by the blue outline on the main page instead of the more common gray outline.


neika Says:

Saturday January 18, 2014

Also I have seen a few times the clock stop at 5,6 and 7 seconds and not start for a while???? Why does the clock stop, it seams that this is set up to get a high value. If you bid on a stopped clock it will start again

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

It sounds like you are experiencing a little bit of internet lag which is resulting in a delay in your screen updating. Please be sure that your system meets our recommendations as this will help mitigate some of this for you.


ejschurr Says:

Saturday January 18, 2014

If I place a bid for $5.00 and it's not the winning bid, how much an I responsible for paying, including the cost of the bid?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

If you did not win the auction, you are not required to pay anything else. You will have the choice though of paying the difference between the value of your bids and the item value price so you can still claim it.


Bling629 Says:

Sunday January 19, 2014

If I am bidding on a clothing item and win, do I choose my size? I only see the picture of the item, not the size. Thank you.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You should be able to change the size of the item in the drop-down box right above the item title in the description. If the option is not available or you can not find it, please contact our Customer Support Team and we will be more than happy to help!


woodworker56 Says:

Monday January 20, 2014

Now that I am all signed up can I wait to start any bidding for another 15 days?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Yes, you can bid if and when you decide. It is totally up to you! Just be sure to review when your bids expire in the Bid Credit History section of the My QuiBids tab.


dtfdtf Says:

Monday January 20, 2014

What is a transaction fee on a gift card?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

The transaction fee is a fee we are required to collect to process a gift card purchase for you. You will always be able to see what this fee will be before placing any bids in the Item Description.


GeorgeThomasR Says:

Thursday January 23, 2014

How much is a "bid?" If I set-up an Automatic Bid and tell it to start bidding at, say $5.00 and place three bids how much will each bid be worth?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Each bid costs $0.60 and raises the auction price by $0.01.


Giuseppe007 Says:

Friday January 24, 2014

Do we bid against others within the same time zone/region only? Or, are products available to anyone for bidding regardless of their location? For example, can someone in California bid against someone in New York? Also, please advise within which area/region/continent (country) are bidders grouped or allowed to play/bid against each other? Thanks & with kind regards

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You could be bidding against users in different timezones or even different countries. However, anything that you see on our site to bid on will be from your own country and of the same approximate value in the auction.


mppelosi Says:

Saturday January 25, 2014

Can you explain what it means when an item is "LOCKED"

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

This means the auction is only available to the users who were actively participating in the auction when it locked. This prevents more users from jumping in when others have already been bidding in the auction for awhile.


snewsom26 Says:

Sunday January 26, 2014

Hi I recently became a new customer but was not aware that my debit card would be charged $60.00 after registration. I've already emailed customer support for a refund and I wanted to know how long it could take for a reply?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We try to respond to all emails as soon as possible, but it could take up to 1-3 business days for us to respond. However, we will get to your request as soon as humanly possible!


Kbbuntin Says:

Thursday January 30, 2014

How do you cancel an account?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Contact our Customer Support team (though the Help section) and we will be more than happy to help you out!


jgibbbee Says:

Thursday January 30, 2014

So if I was bidding and I bid $20 for something and the other guy just bid $22 and I decide I don't want to go higher I know even if I lose I have to pay so do I just pay my last bid or all the bids leading up to that?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Each bid is pre-paid so if you lose an auction, you do not have to pay anything more.


ToledoCathy Says:

Thursday February 6, 2014

So, each bid is .60 cents---or do you have to pay the amount that you bidded? Like if i bid at 35.00-then loose that bid --then try again at 35.50--will i be charged 1.20 or 75.50?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Each bid is pre-paid, so you will not have to pay for your bids afterwards. In the scenario you described, the bids you used would have only cost $1.20. If you win the auction with your second bid, you would then only pay $35.50 (plus any taxes or fees).


seattlekate Says:

Saturday February 8, 2014

As a new user, must I bid on a beginner auction before bidding on the "big" auction items? Must I win a beginner auction?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

No, you are not required to bid in these auctions. We offer them as a way to get your feet wet without immediately competing against more experienced users, but it's up to you! However, don't forget, once you win any auction (beginner or not) you will not be able to compete in any more beginner auctions.


ru2bzz Says:

Tuesday February 11, 2014

Is auction 24hrs 7days a week?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

There are constantly auctions occurring on our site. How long they last is up to you and the other users participating.


LeonJ57 Says:

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Should I win a bid, must I claim it within a specific time?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Yes, if you win an auction, you have 3 business days from the time the auction ends to claim your item and check out. If you have trouble along the way, contact our Customer Support Team!


lasatay Says:

Thursday February 13, 2014

What is "Limit Busters"?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Limit Buster auctions are won or purchased via Buy Now and automatically deduct the specified number of wins from your 28-day auction win limits. This enables you to participate in more auctions. Limit Busters won't cancel out products you've paid for, they simply open up additional spots for more wins. When a limit buster is purchased, it will remove the most recently won items from your 28-day win limits. You can review your Auction Limits page directly through the My QuiBids section.


Mark122255 Says:

Friday February 14, 2014

Too often when I bid at 1 second the auction ended and said I was too late. This was NOT the fault of my computer or connection because most of the time it goes through. I am not happy losing a lot of bids because the auction ended and the system did not take my bid. If this problem cannot be remedied it is pointless to continue. (I was not waiting at one second, but clicking promptly.)

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You can always send the auction number and a description of what happened to our Customer Support Team and we will be more than happy to look into this for you!


Mallymal1968 Says:

Saturday February 15, 2014

Is the " buy now" price below most advertised retail pricing ; say I didn't win an auction I've participated in and hit the "buy now" button. Will the "buy now" price result in somewhat below retail savings?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We recommend that you do your research prior to bidding to determine if you think the value price is a fair price or not.


DellaMargaret2 Says:

Sunday February 16, 2014

It looks to me that the bids are going up by 1 cent, I thought each bid was 60 cents?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Each bid costs $0.60 to purchase, but when used in an auction, they raise the auction price by $0.01.


montanezr Says:

Thursday February 27, 2014

The "Buy Now" button how does that work?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

When you use our Buy Now feature, we subtract the cash value of the bids you’ve placed (excluding voucher bids) from the value price of the item, and you pay the difference. It's just like buying the item at retail price! So at least you had a chance at getting it at a discount, eh? Let's say you spend 30 bids trying to win a $30 valued product, but you don't win. Your 30 bids are worth $18 (30 x $0.60), so if you choose to use the Buy Now, you will only pay $12 more for the product. Please note that this offer applies to real bids only, and that voucher bids to do not apply to the Buy Now option.


carmansmith Says:

Sunday March 2, 2014

So if I bid on an item and win it for $28 is that paid for with my bids or do I have to pay an additional $28 at checkout plus shipping?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

If you win the auction for $28.00, you will need to pay that at the checkout (plus any fees). The bids you purchased do not pay for your auction wins.


Shell974 Says:

Friday March 7, 2014

How do I get a refund to my credit card after opening an account when I didn't use any bids?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Contact our Customer Support Team and we can help you with that request.


zulu469 Says:

Friday March 7, 2014

I have 99 bids left, HOW DO I GET MY MONEY BACK????

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Contact our Customer Support Team and we will be more than happy to help you with your request!


Applebidder4 Says:

Sunday March 16, 2014

What is the difference between a beginner auction and a regular one?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Beginner auctions are reserved for only those users who have not yet won any auctions.


Dori47 Says:

Monday March 24, 2014

I wanted to bid on something, but the bidding was locked. Why and when does that occur?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Locked auctions are a new feature on all QuiBids auctions that allows bidders to win more easily by limiting the competition in each auction. How? We’re glad you asked. After a certain point, auctions will become locked and only bidders who have been participating will be able to continue placing bids, while all other bidders will be “locked out.” You can read more about Locked Auctions here:


Crazyme07 Says:

Monday March 24, 2014

How do I go about putting my address and billing address in?...thank you.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

If you would like to add new billing or shipping information, you will have this option at the time of your next purchase.


brokenpavement2 Says:

Friday March 28, 2014

What is a voucher bid?

jwhite6@QuiBids Says:

I encourage you to read here on our Help page: You'll find many of the answers to your inquiries.


pkroyer Says:

Monday March 31, 2014

I didn't understand when I started bidding that each time I pressed down -6o cents! My 1st time on I spent $60 But I also won a $15 dollar gift card ar Wal mart, and a $10 dollar gift card to GNC, and best of all A $232 dollar Michael Korrs Handbag, and for some reason I still do not understand I got the bag for a total of $0.00. I Love it! And I kinda figures out hot to bid... Hint: If you see than tons of people are bidding on the item you want...You probably wont get it so dont waste your bids! I did waste mine at first but I learned! ;-)

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We are glad to hear that it worked out so well for you! Please be sure to read the rest of the QuiBids 101 and Help sections to learn how to keep your winning fortunes going!


osoyogui77 Says:

Tuesday April 1, 2014

hi there lets say i won something for $80 dollars and i bid 1 time .60 cents do i have to pay the 80 dollars + S/H o just what i bid .60 cents ???

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

If you win the auction, you would need to pay the $80.00 winning auction price + S/H if applicable.


tinkey61 Says:

Friday April 4, 2014

I am confused about the cost to belong to and bid on QBids. Please help me.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

It is free to belong to QuiBids. You only pay for your purchases. You have to purchase bids to participate in our auctions. Bids cost $0.60 each.


mwmh1952 Says:

Friday April 4, 2014

Beginner speaking: If you place a bid for say $10 for an item & the bidding continues & then you bid again at $11.50 and you end up not winning. Do I actually have to pay money ? If yes, how much ?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

In order to bid in our auctions, you are required to purchase bids at $0.60 each. If you use those bids in an auction and lose the auction, you are not required to pay anything else.


MaryMad Says:

Saturday April 5, 2014

Can some please further explain the no bid before the clock is at 5 mins? #28 in the Q&A. So what is the time limit set for bidding for each auction? Where does this 5 min rule come into play? And are there certain people who can bid before the time clock hits the 5 mins left mark? Thanks

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You can only bid in live auctions. We publish auctions well in advance of them going live so users can plan which auctions they want to bid in, but until the auction is live which occurs at the 5 minute mark, no bids are accepted.


kaiyhst Says:

Friday April 11, 2014

How do you refund unused bids??

jwhite6@QuiBids Says:

At any time, any UNUSED purchased bids remaining in your account can be refunded without a hassle at your request. You can contact us via LiveChat or via telephone at 1 855 QUIBIDS. We can assist you at that time.


kacerc Says:

Tuesday April 15, 2014

I was the last bidder. The auction ended. Why would I not be the winner?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Send us the auction number at Customer Support and we would be more than happy to look into this for you!


rjack15137 Says:

Saturday April 26, 2014

if you are bidding and walk out for awhile and you come back are you locked out?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

It depends on the auction and when that particular auction locks. You can read more about Locked Auctions here:


avminn Says:

Saturday May 17, 2014

Is there anyway to set bids more than a penny higher. For example if an item is currently at $5 can Increase the bid to $10?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

No, you can only raise the price by a penny at a time.


larrysalcido Says:

Sunday May 18, 2014

Ok i just bid on a TV do I have to pay what I bid even if I didntwin the idem ?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

No, if you do not win the auction you do not have to pay anything more.



Wednesday May 21, 2014

I'm beginner and accidently bought 100 bid so how much does cost?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

If you purchased 100 bids, then it costs a total of $60.00. Each bid costs $0.60.


br5567 Says:

Monday May 26, 2014

If an item has 50 bids on it and i place 1 bid but don't win the item, am I charged the total at the time I placed the bid (51) or just the 1 that I bid?

jwhite6@QuiBids Says:

Each bid costs just $0.60. These bids are pre-paid and placed in your Bids Account. Every time you press the bid button, a bid ($0.60) is deducted from your account. These bids are non-refundable, once placed into auctions.


Deleon0507 Says:

Thursday May 29, 2014

Why do I have to buy bids? Can I only buy the 100 bids package?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You have to buy bids so you have something to use in our auctions. The Starter Bid Package of 100 bids is the first package new users purchase, but there are more options available for future purchases. Unused real bids are refundable at your request.


swheeler11 Says:

Monday June 9, 2014

On a "you choose it" auction, it seems that if I'm bidding on an item and someone bids on a separate item in the same auction ID, that it bumps the price on my item. How else can the bids on all of them go up at the same time. This is unethical, if it is true, that a bid on a separate item will raise the bid on my item???

jwhite6@QuiBids Says:

All of our auctions - with the exception of Limit Busters and Voucher Bids - are in You Choose It! format. This means that each auction has a list of up to 100 items that you can choose from! The winner of the auction gets to select from the list the item they want the most! You can read all about it in our blog post, here: Here's how to change the item: 1. Click on My QuiBids. 2. Scroll down the page until you see the won auction. Click on the blue link that says, Auction #____ You Choose It! This is located underneath the title of the auction. It will take you back to the Auction Page. 3. Click the link that says, 'You Choose It! Product Selection'. This will create a pop-up that will list all of the items you can choose from. 4. Simply click the item you want, and you're done!


LAW66A6417 Says:

Wednesday June 11, 2014

do you have a catalog listing specific items being auctioned. Can I follow an auction to walk through the process without bidding?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You can use the search bar on our page to find any item we have available. You can also browse our store to see all of our items and find any available auctions. You can watch any auction you wish without having to place any bids.


denyce0329 Says:

Wednesday June 18, 2014

if the bids that you make are non-refundable and you do not win the bid then in effect aren't you paying more than just 60 cents per bid. For example if I am bidding on an item and the bidding reaches $30.00 and another individual bids $35.00 which is the winning bid am I responsible for paying the $30 that I was biding as well as the 60 cents even though I didn't win the bid?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

No, if you lose the auction you do not have to pay the $30.00.


Quibzy Says:

Friday June 20, 2014

I won an item for 1 cent and got it for free, does that mean anytime someone wins an item for less than 50 cents it's free (barring bid costs)?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

If the total cost of the item (auction price + plus any fees) is less than $0.50, it's on us!


frawleyv303 Says:

Saturday June 21, 2014

how do i cancel

jwhite6@QuiBids Says:

At any time you wish to cancel, you are able to do so through LiveChat, calling 1 855 QUIBIDS, or via email a .


mccarthy510 Says:

Monday June 23, 2014

Is the bid amount that is not refundable and useful on the Buy Now option, available for anything on Buy Now or just the item on which you were bidding?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You can use the Buy Now on any one item from the auction in which you were bidding, even if it's not the one you bidding on in that auction originally.


Gucci2453 Says:

Friday June 27, 2014

I thought when I came upon this site, it advertised free shipping on items won.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

At this time, we offer free shipping within the United States! If you were charged shipping, please contact our Customer Support Team and we will rectify that immediately!


Alchristy Says:

Tuesday July 1, 2014

When I place a bid, does it ask for the amount I want to bid? Or does it place an automatic amount to the item?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Each bid automatically increases the price by $0.01.


Alchristy Says:

Tuesday July 1, 2014

My account is telling me to claim a badge that has 3 free bids, but won't let me "claim the badge".

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Contact our Customer Support Team and we will be more than happy to assist you!


ronboe Says:

Wednesday July 2, 2014

is there a certain amout u have to bid?

jwhite6@QuiBids Says:

I encourage you to read through our Help page regarding: How does QuiBids work? Bids cost just $0.60 and can be purchased in bid packs at the Bid Store or in the QBar. These bids are pre-paid and stored in the Bid Credit History section of My QuiBids. Each time you place a bid; it will be deducted from your remaining bids, and will increase the price of the auction by one cent. . No more than 20 seconds is added to the timer whenever a bid is placed. This allows another user the opportunity to bid if interested. It's just like the auctioneer shouting “Going once...Going twice...SOLD!” at a traditional auction.


bgoff849 Says:

Thursday July 3, 2014

sounds to difficult to be fun. I am out. how do yoy get your information back/

jwhite6@QuiBids Says:

Please contact us via LiveChat, phone 1 855 QUIBIDS or email At any time, any unused purchased bids remaining in your account can be refunded without a hassle at your request.



Friday July 4, 2014

If I am a beginner and I sign up and put my card number in does it automatically make me buy bids

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

The only time you are asked for your payment information is when you are making a purchase.


happycamper37 Says:

Friday July 4, 2014


jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

No, only the winner is able to purchase the auction for the final price. Everyone else has the option to use their customized Buy Now price.


tevykool19 Says:

Wednesday July 16, 2014

Do we get free shipping if we win

jwhite6@QuiBids Says:

Shipping is free in the US, unless otherwise noted. For other regions, the fees will be visible to users in the product description for each item on the auction's page.


stephy0821 Says:

Wednesday July 16, 2014

If I don't use quibids as much....will it charge me some type of fee? Because I didn't even notice it charged me $60. I dont remember buying bids or anything. Is there a registering fee?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

There is not a registration fee, however, during the registration, you are given the opportunity to purchase the Starter Bid Package of 100 bids. If you do not make any other purchases, you will not be charged as you are only charged for the purchases you make on our site.


tashibstar2 Says:

Wednesday July 16, 2014

I love quibids coz it jus makes shopping that lil bit more fun

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Thanks! That is exactly what we want QuiBids to be for you!


gene4ch Says:

Sunday July 20, 2014

Hi, I am beginner, please, how long does it take for a auction session to terminate. Thanks. gene4ch

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Auctions will end when the clock reaches zero, which means it ends when users stop bidding!


f1ght1ngf0rh3r Says:

Monday July 21, 2014

Okay, I want to sign up, but right next to where the credit car boxer are at, there is a pack for $60 dollars. By entering my information, am i buying the item ?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Yes, that page is where you purchase your Starter Bid Package of 100 bids!


martob Says:

Wednesday July 23, 2014

This sounds way to confusing for me. I want out.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We are sorry to hear that! Please contact our Customer Support Team and we will help you with your request.


kewaj Says:

Sunday July 27, 2014

If. I bid 20 dollars on an item and I lose, do I lose the twenty dollars OR just the .60 per bid?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You just lose the $0.60 per bid.


superferg123 Says:

Tuesday July 29, 2014

Is it possible to spend hundreds of dollars and get nothing for it?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Yes, that is possible, but we don't want that to happen to you which is why we offer the Buy Now so you can apply your bids from the auction towards the cost of the item.


Kaahlin Says:

Thursday July 31, 2014

Is there a way to find out what the shipping charges on an item would be before I bid on it? I have searched the 101 and help pages as well as several items description information, I'm not seeing anything about shipping. (Referring to Question 9 above) Thanks!

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Shipping and any other fees are included in the Item Description. We want you to be able to see what they are before you commit to bidding.


Tablets7 Says:

Thursday July 31, 2014

After reading everything that I have, Can I choose to not go forward with the Bids and get a refund on my credit card for the $ 60.00

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Yes, just contact our Customer Support Team and we are more than happy to help you with a refund!


SisiB7474 Says:

Saturday August 2, 2014

Hard to understand exactly what it costs to bid, or pay up front. I "think" I understand that it costs $.60 for EACH bid, but not sure if I understand right, do you have to pay a one time fee of $60 up front for EVERY bid? sounds a little confusing. Seems there is no place that gives the simply facts of the cost, unless I have missed that in my reading.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

The $60.00 pays for 100 bids because each bid costs $0.60. Then when you use one of those bids in an auction, it raises the auction price up by one cent.


Biggd7 Says:

Saturday August 2, 2014

it says i have 100 bids does that my credit card will be charged 100 dollars if i use all my bids?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

100 bids costs $60.00 and if the bids are in your account, you have already paid for them.


pm4800 Says:

Saturday August 2, 2014

I am still confused, how about a simple example. - Say I use 10 bids on a $50 item, and my last bid was $30 but I lost the bid to someone else, what are my cost? I lose the $6 worth of bids. right. Do I also get charged the $30 for my last bid? Do I then have an option to "Buy Now" and how much would I then pay for the item.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Yes, you lost $6.00 worth of bids. If you lose the auction, you do not have to pay anything else. But you can use the Buy Now option and pay the remaining $44.00 to claim that item so your $6.00 in bids does not go to waste.


ellejay81 Says:

Tuesday August 5, 2014

What is the typical length of an auction?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

There is not a typical length of an auction. Depending on the value of the auction, it can last just a few minutes or go on for hours.


jk1536 Says:

Thursday August 7, 2014

We are limited to 1 penny per bid, so does that mean if an item sells for 2.95, that it took 294 bids to acquire that item at 60 cents per bid to QuiBuds

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

That is correct. If the auction gets to $2.95, then 295 bids were placed in the auction. However, those bids could be voucher bids, real bids or even free bids.


redhotnicky92 Says:

Friday August 8, 2014

Is there a particular time that is best to bid at?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

There is not a particular time, but we have noticed each user does tend to have a time that they personally prefer.


redhotnicky92 Says:

Saturday August 9, 2014

Why are there multiple items under the same auction number?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

What you may be observing is what we call You-Choose it Auctions. This means that you can bid on many different items and once the auction is won, you can select the specific item that you wish to purchase. You can read more about You-Choose it auctions here:


caseyalise Says:

Tuesday August 12, 2014

Just to be clear, the bid packs are not used to pay for the item you win? If I purchase a $60 bid pack, and win an item, I am still responsible for paying for the item?? The bid pack only pays for the ability to place bids, correct? Thank you for your help!

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

That is correct! However, if you lose the auction, you can apply the value of those bids you used towards the Buy Now option and pay the remaining difference.


ogkush707 Says:

Friday August 15, 2014

the bids cost 60 cents a pop am i right? when i watch the auctions the price only goes up by one cent. am i correct?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Yes, to purchase the bids they cost $0.60 each and they raise the auction price by $0.01 each time a bid is placed in an auction.


smith0607 Says:

Saturday August 16, 2014

I just sent an e-mail to customer service stating the easiest way to explain how Quibids works it's just like going to a casino you have to buy chips before you can bet. In this case it will be "Bid" not "Bet". I hope I'm right on that because when I 1st starting reading 101 I was ready to say "forget this to complicated" but, when the light bulb went on I think it will be fun. Just remember "Vegas was not built on winners!"

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

QuiBids is not gambling. For an activity to be considered gambling as a matter of law, three elements must be present: consideration, chance and prize. Among other things, the outcomes of QuiBids’ auctions are not determined by chance; therefore, QuiBids auctions are not gambling. defines gambling as 1. to play at any game of chance for money or other stakes or 2. to stake or risk money, or anything of value, on the outcome of something involving chance: to gamble on a toss of the dice. At the very least, the element of risk is taken out due to the Buy Now feature being available on 100% of QuiBids’ auctions. No one has to walk away empty-handed. It is entirely up to the participant whether he or she will use the value of bids spent on an auction as a rebate to the purchase price. The worst case scenario should be someone walking away from the site with an item at the value price, which is typically a good “internet” price. QuiBids’ Buy Now feature eliminates the potential for loss.


hzlor93 Says:

Sunday September 7, 2014

I thought each auction had a 20 second counter that restarted why do I see bis witth a 4 minute or 5 minute counter--what's going on there?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Auctions are scheduled hours in advance and the clock ticks down to zero. When the clock reaches the 5 minute mark, you will be able to begin bidding on those auctions. Each time a bid is placed, up to 20 seconds will be added back to the time.


Thethundersaid Says:

Monday September 22, 2014

Much appreciated help!

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Thanks! We want everyone to enjoy QuiBids so we try to make sure there are lots of ways we can help you learn!


billf45 Says:

Sunday October 12, 2014

If I only have 5 bids left in my account and use them up , can I keep bidding and it will be charged to my card ,or do I have to stop and go purchase more bids ?

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

You have to purchase bids in a pre-paid package. But you can do so without leaving the screen you are currently on by using the QBar at the bottom of your screen.


cheer1994 Says:

Saturday October 25, 2014

i am a bit confused... so if you win a tablet that cost $649.99 and you won it at $10.00 will you pay $10.00 or is it just 10.00 off the price

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

If you win the auction for $10.00, you will only pay $10.00 during check out.

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