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QuiBids 101

My Experience with QuiBids - Process is great

Here, customer Justin B. shares about his experience and the items he’s won.  If you'd like to be featured in one of our customer testimonial posts, email us at with your story!

My name is Justin and I'm from Edmond, Oklahoma. I was skeptical of QuiBids the first time I saw it, but then I started to hear great things. I started to watch a lot of the auctions and was amazed how low the products were selling for, so I decided to give it a try. Three days later I won my first auction!  I won a MacBook Pro for $19.82 - yes, that’s right under $20 for a brand new MAC! I received it a couple days later and it is perfect. QuiBids is a great site and I have been bidding on products ever since. I have told everyone I know about the site and can’t wait to see the stuff they could win.

QuiBids has some great products and I know it’s new, but I do see some room for improvement. Hopefully in the near future they can get some different items up for auction. They have a lot of the most popular stuff right now, but again, hopefully they will be adding new products on more of a weekly basis. One of the things I don’t really like about QuiBids is the Bid-O-Matic. I think if you are going to get something so cheap, you should have to spend some of your time sitting down in front of the computer. However, that’s just my opinion. One of the greatest things about QuiBids is that you can have your unspent bids refunded at any time. Other than getting some new products and the Bid-O-Matic, I think the site and process is great.

My experience with the site was very good. The site is extremely easy to navigate and they make the whole bidding process simple. I have used auction sites before, mainly eBay. Thanks to my friend who introduced me to QuiBids, I will probably never go back to other auction sites. I really like how you never know what the product is going to sell for. One day it could be $3.00 and the next it could be $100. It all just depends on who is bidding on it. I think that is what makes it so interesting.

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borndomerica Says:

Wednesday February 24, 2010

When I first started out with quibids, I definitely few into the newbe category where I was too eager to get a product and not do my research. That being said I miraculously won an award winning Nikon D90 12.3 MP SLR camera for around 15 dollars and change minus shipping AFTER a long heated battle with one customer in particular. Truth be told I didn't think I was going to win after some time had passed. I believe that anything is possible as long as you have a good strategy and that you do the research on the site you are bidding on. I LOVE my camera and I would not have it today if not for my chance to bid on it on Quibids.


BiggestFan07 Says:

Thursday August 18, 2011

I've been in quibids for over 2 months already and all I get is all out satisfaction! Customer service is so great they'll help you throughout your claims. They always try their best to give all their customer superb service!!! Thank you all and I'm glad I joined.


radiolady1 Says:

Saturday August 27, 2011

On my second try on Quibids, I won an Apple iPod Touch 8 for $9.23! Once I figured out the best way to bid and kept track of how many bids I had left, I was was really happy to have won such an awesome item! I could see how easily one could become addicted to winning! Thanks Quibids!


nscrgrl20 Says:

Wednesday September 7, 2011

Loved it from my first bid


SkippyNM Says:

Saturday October 1, 2011

I've been using for a very long time.. I have more products in my condo from your auction site that things I've paid for at brick and mortar stores.. sometimes I get a SUPER deal, sometimes I get decent and heck i'm the first to say I'll always use the buy it now if I loose a large number of bids.. I thank you for the honest business model you run and the amazing customer service! If I could suggest ONE THING.. please please PLEASE bring back the .02, .05 & .10 auctions :)


nevilgpatel Says:

Sunday December 4, 2011

i will always look at quibids before buying elsewhere!


penguinboy6969 Says:

Thursday March 1, 2012

I must admit I was skeptical of this company at first but after reading the BBB review I decided to give it a try. I was signed up by 2pm, won my first auction by 4pm and received my product by 1pm the next day. I have also won 2 more auctions since then and with the Game Play tokens I have almost double my original 100 bids purchased. Pick your battles and bid carefully and this will be a very rewarding experience for you. Also make sure you read all the documentation presented to you, so you know exactly what you are doing and how to do it, it's a very easy process, as long as you can read.

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

That's great advice for other bidders! Reading the 'Help' section and the 'QuiBids 101' section can make all the difference!


Danster5885 Says:

Sunday March 30, 2014

Quibids is a great site! It is very fun to win products on here and it is amazing when you are un-boxing the items you got for a very low price. I will always use Quibids because its the best

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We are glad to hear that you are having fun!


joannarudon1 Says:

Friday April 18, 2014

I love quibids so much

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

And we love you being one of our fantastic customers!


G8tergir1 Says:

Monday August 25, 2014

How much does it cost to make each bid?? G8tergir1

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Each bid only costs $0.60.


Br2ee Says:

Tuesday November 4, 2014

Hands down Qbids is my favorite auction site :-)

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We are super happy to hear it!


Santi348 Says:

Friday December 5, 2014

THANK YOU QUIBIDS FOR THE FUN OF THE AUCTIONS AND THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTS! QuiBids is the only auctions site that I trust and enjoy.


hotti0498 Says:

Friday June 26, 2015

I ♡ it. You might not always win but you have a fair chance just like every other bidder that logs in. I have had a good win/loss record and have spent less than retail every time I have won. Their facebook page is a great place to get tips, meet new people, and get free bids.

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