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QuiBids 101

My experience using QuiBids

Here, we have QuiBids customer Travis H. offer his thoughts about our site. We encourage all of our customers to share their thoughts, so if you'd like to be featured in one of our customer testimonial posts, please email us at and tell us what’s on your mind!

I discovered through an advertisement I saw on Facebook. I was skeptical at first because as soon as I visited the site I saw numerous items such as PS3's and Xbox 360's going for up to 80% off! After taking a few minutes to understand how it worked, I thought that the idea of paying for bids, but winning at up to 80% off if I won was a good deal so I followed the easy steps to register and buy bids and got started right away. After registering I searched the site for what type of products I could bid on, this was easy to find because everything is right on the home page.

I like the products offered on QuiBids because a lot of them are what's really popular at the moment and items I don't have. They also have some unique electronics items that I think are awesome, but wouldn't have thought about ever buying. Since joining, I have participated in multiple auctions and have won a PS3 along with a couple of cheaper products. To win the PlayStation 3, I spent about $20 in bids and $30 for the closing price so I got it for fewer than 50 dollars! I received my PS3 within 5 days of purchasing it, which was a great turnaround time!

As far as my thoughts on the auction model and on bidding, at first it was a little nerve racking to participate in these types of auctions because I don’t like the idea of losing money, but I think QuiBids offers a cool feature with their "Buy Now" program. Pretty much, the "Buy Now" program allows anyone bidding in an auction to place the value of their bids towards the cost of the item if that person doesn't win. I don't think I'll always use that feature when I participate in QuiBids auctions, but it is nice to know that I can buy the item at pretty much its cost. 

Overall, I really like as a way to try to win popular products for cheap. I feel the concept and the site feel and look is great and it really is exciting to participate in the auctions...even more exciting to win! The only negative thing I see is that if you don't want to use the Buy Now feature on an auction you are competing in, there is a chance you just lose that money. Other than that, I'm glad I discovered it and I plan to continue competing on QuiBids for products.


Travis H.

Comments (18)


hardchampion Says:

Monday December 7, 2009

I found Quibids from an ad on facebook...I came to the site and looked at it and thought right away it was a good idea. I bought about $20 worth of bids and went to bidding. That day I won a blue ray dvd player for under $4. Later I won some bids, then one day decided to watch a ps3 auction. The auction got to $14.86 and I bid one time, $14.88....I won with that one bid. I LOVE Quibids and plan to stay around here for a while. Thanks very much for the great site and wonderful place to buy items for a very nice price.


astege1002 Says:

Thursday June 3, 2010

I just won a Macbook Pro for only $130 including bids! If you really want an item, then watch it for a couple of days and figure out what it is going for and the best time to place bids. I had the best luck in the early afternoon. I am so happy and will definitely use Quibids again!


Barsidebud Says:

Monday August 16, 2010

I am amazed and excited about this site. I have won gift cards after I got the hang of it. The shipping was amazing too. I bid and won a gift card on August 11 and got it today in the US mail, August 16,2010. Hope the other items I won arrive that quick. This site is honest and scams here. Thanks and I will tell friends!

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

Thanks so much, we're glad you enjoy the site! Best of luck with your bidding!


TheVolturi Says:

Monday September 6, 2010

I just *W*O*N* my first auction on Quibids within two hours of signing up! This was my first day of auction bidding. I found Quibids on an advertisment online while looking to purchase an HD Camcorder. After watching the video, signing up and watching how the auction works, this is the most exciting online auction I've ever experience! I won my favorite Blu-Ray movie for only $0.18! 18 CENTS! WooHoo! I'm giving all my friends on Facebook the referral link to sign up so I'll get 25 free bids for each one that joins!

katiehern@QuiBids Says:

We're so glad you are a part of the site and have had success with your bidding! We appreciate your business and wish you the best of luck in the future!


Barsidebud Says:

Monday September 13, 2010

This site is AWESOME...the shipping time is the BEST! I would recommend this site to anyone. I've started my Penny Auction with another site back in July, and spent lots of money to buy bids, and I won 3 gift cards, and still I haven't received them. Just watch out for some sites because they do NOT do what they state they DO. BUT THIS SITE HAS ALL THAT I WANT, AND MORE...Barsidebud


mralberta Says:

Monday October 17, 2011

I have won 4 auctions in the first week I have been a member! This is great! It is a rush to wait to see if someone bids you up! Lets hope shipping is as good as the bidding!!!


mitosmom Says:

Monday February 27, 2012

I have been with quibids now for over 1 year and its been a wonderful experience I would of never been able to afford some of these items if would of had to pay full price but thanks to quibids we now them. I thank you and my family really thank you. My kids see me on the laptop and say what did you win mom or win that for me and a majority of the time I do. THANKS AGAIN FOREVER A QUIBID BIDDER! TINA MONTEMAYOR


laelik Says:

Saturday May 26, 2012

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Quibids! I've been on other auction sites and nothing comes close to Quibids. The chances of winning something is much greater than other sites, and the shipping is fairly quick. Not to mention the other great ways to win more bids with the mini games. The first day I became a member, I won 2 auctions for a penny! And it was the most exciting feeling I've ever felt. I've recommend this site to many people who are skeptical, and those who have joined and won are no skeptics anymore! Thanks Quibids!

eklyons@QuiBids Says:

We are so happy to hear how much you are enjoying your QuiBids experience!


serenity369 Says:

Tuesday June 19, 2012

I have been with Quibids since 2010 , I love this site . I have tried other. Quibids is the best. I just won a camara and I am so excited !!!!!!!!!!! paid $10.01


raged Says:

Monday October 1, 2012

I love quibids, i got a backpack for 1.01, and the best ski goggles in the business for .51 cents! The only thing that could make it better would be if there were bose quiet comfort headphones to bid on!


densfriend Says:

Sunday December 2, 2012

I started using quibids a week or two ago. Wasn't very good at first. I watched the auctions without bidding and learned quite a bit. I have won a few, and I just won a $25 gas card with 3 bids, and for 16 cents. Imagine my surprise when I went to check out and received a "Congratulations" that the item would be free due to it being under a certain amount. I am done with other hectic, crazy sites. I am very happy. You don't win all the time, you have to take some time and learn what goes on, but I have found this site to be fair and honest. Thank you!


houstondiscdog Says:

Wednesday March 19, 2014

Excellent opportunities here! While I have only won 2 auctions so far, I have received the mdse. and had zero complaints or problems. This is the start of something beautiful, thanks Quibids!

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We are glad to hear that and glad to have you as one of our valuable QuiBidders!


marymager Says:

Saturday March 22, 2014

I just started with quibids and I hate it it won't let me bid or push anything with out kicking me out I'm very upset I spent 60 dollars for this and I can't even bid

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We are so sorry to hear this! Please contact our Customer Support Team and we will be more than happy to lend a hand! We want you to have a good time here at QuiBids.


Villegas44 Says:

Sunday July 27, 2014

I love Quibids... I have won Over 8 times & every time is exciting.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Excellent! Keep up the good work and keep us updated!


deniseincleve Says:

Friday September 19, 2014

Went on QuiBids for the 1st time today & won 3 different gift cards @ very low prices! Exciting!

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Congratulations! Way to kick off as a beginner! Be sure to read everything on our site to keep the winning going!


LoseSlowy326 Says:

Monday September 22, 2014

I just made one year on Q and its been a awesome ride. I have spent hundreds and saved over a thousand on Chef knives, a camera,Wine Glasses, Gift Cards and more. This is the best site I have ever seen.

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

Sounds like a great first year! Keep us updated on what year two brings you!


missnikjones Says:

Tuesday November 11, 2014

I have to admit I was skeptical about QuiBids at 1st "like what do I have to loose" I WON MY 1st AUCTION WITHIN ONE HOUR of signing up!!!!!!! $00.30 and Guess what, ended up getting it for FREE!!!!!!! I had to show my invoice to friends because they thought I was making it up....... WOO HOO!!!!!! WON my 2nd one for $4.00 ED HARDY BABY!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

jpayne5@QuiBids Says:

We are glad to hear you won such a great deal on QuiBids! Be sure to use the referral link when telling your friends so you can earn free bids!


GMAN718 Says:

Wednesday December 3, 2014

This site is awesome! I just joined and won an iPad Mini worth $299.00 for $10.20. I am thrilled and hope to continue winning items on your auction site.

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