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tips Our Auction Model

How does QuiBids work?

QuiBids is not your basic online auction model. We proudly developed a unique, exciting way to rejuvenate a century-old traditional auction in the digital era. We do understand that the similarities can create a bit of confusion, and we don’t want that to obscure how we do business. So ...

Buy Now Explained

You can read an overview of our Buy Now feature at our Help page. If you are still unsure about Buy Now, then please allow us to familiarize you.  We built the Buy Now feature to guarantee that nobody ever loses any money on QuiBids, so long as they commit to buying the item at our value ...

Badges - Set Goals and Earn Rewards!

With QuiBids' Achievements, you can gain badges that display your skill and award you with bids at the same time! Badges are a great way to gain experience on our site, set goals, and earn rewards for being a valuable QuiBids customer. Check out all of our badges to see which badge you want ...

Does QuiBids make excessive profit on their auctions?

How much profit does QuiBids generate? Our goal is to provide customers with entertainment and great deals while also being fair and transparent. As part of that commitment, the QuiBids 101 section will feature a number of articles that detail how the company works and how that affects our ...

How does QuiBids offer such low prices?

Every day QuiBids sells products at 60-90% below their retail price. We’re able to auction products cheaply for the same reason you’re able to purchase them...cheaply. It’s because of the unique auction model that’s built into the core of QuiBids’ business. In a ...

How does QuiBids differ from other online auction sites?

Last we checked, approximately 15,475,291 auction websites are out there (estimated), each trying to offer you the best deal. So what shoves QuiBids out in front of the rest of the pack? Just saying “We’re just the best,” might work for professional athletes before ...

How It's Not Gambling

Overview is an entertainment retail auction site that offers the opportunity to score great, brand name products at deep discounts. We combine the thrill of competition with the fun of entertainment and shopping, which is why our users keep coming back for more.  Unfortunately ...

Bid-O-Matic: Revealed Even More

We’ve received a bunch of questions about the Bid-O-Matic these last few weeks, so we thought we’d devote more time to explaining the feature. We want Bid-O-Matic to work as simply as possible, so that you can utilize it to its full potential, and to your benefit! So what do you do ...

QBar- An Easier Way to Play!

We realize that we sound like a broken record at this point, but we really are always looking to improve your shopping experience at QuiBids! After compiling tons of users’ recommendations, a bunch of really intense brainstorming sessions, and careful consideration by our staff, ...

Watching Out for Your Watchlist

We auction off a lot of products every day here on QuiBids, so we built the Watchlist as a useful tool to help you keep track of them. Here’s how it works. When you’re browsing through the auctions for our brand-new, name-brand products, you can stop and hover the cursor over an ...

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Got a question? We’ve got answers. For simple solutions, check out our easy-to-access Help section. For stickier situations, connect to Live Chat or submit a support request below.

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