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Your Favorite Tip - Poll Results

We conducted a small poll that produced big results! We wanted to know YOUR favorite tip from QuiBids101. Your responses were so interesting that we figured we’d share them with you. Crowd Favorite: Start small and work your way up About 32% of everyone who took the poll (we ...

Staying in the 'Know' Zone

As savvy online shoppers, you want choices – and lots of them! Lucky for you, QuiBids offers thousands of auctions; each one guaranteed a winner. We want to become your one-stop shop for consumer goods, so we’re constantly expanding our product selection to provide you with greater ...

How QuiBids Protects Its Customers

Shopping on QuiBids can be fun, exciting and even lucrative!  Sometimes though, a potentially lucrative shopping opportunity drags out people who will try to take advantage of such a system.  Because of this, QuiBids takes a wide variety of steps to ensure that our customers have a fair ...

Let's Talk Limit Busters!

Everybody shops with QuiBids to save BIG and have fun! We realized early on that there was a significant amount of users who not only often reached their daily win limit but also the 28-day win limit, and grew tired of waiting around for their win limits to expire. That’s just no fun at all ...

What do you want auctioned on QuiBids?

User experience is priority number one at QuiBids! We want our shopping experience to fit your lifestyle. That said, we want to auction unique items that everyone loves! So grab your thinking caps, step outside the box, start brainstorming, and sound off in the comments section below. We really ...

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