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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make

Users new to QuiBids often require some time and help before they completely understand our auction platform and start winning auctions. We here at QuiBids hate for any new user to struggle with using the website. We understand you can shop anywhere, so we want for you to succeed on our site and to ...

Going After the 'Big One'

Who would turn down a brand new MacBook Pro or a Samsung television for $24.60? We offer such opportunities to our users every day. So how do you actually land the big fish? Here’s what we recommend: Set realistic expectations It’s important to understand that the more ...

How do I win more auctions?

As we’ve researched and examined thousands of auctions that have been conducted on QuiBids, we’ve learned several things that can increase a person’s chance of winning an auction. A few things we’ve learned are: The QuiBids customers who win the most auctions are ...

5 Commandments to Winning

So you’re questing after the Holy Grail... the secret to winning all auctions that’ll stockpile your house with HDTVs in every bedroom, laptops hinging on desks that spring out in front of every toilet, and gift cards for everyone who comes over.  That might be a stretch, but ...

Time-Saver Tips

Time. There never seems to be enough of it! We understand that schedules can become overwhelming, so the last thing we want is for QuiBids to stress you out. In fact, we want to conform to your lifestyle and be available at your convenience. So here’s a list of time saving tips: 1.   ...

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