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Online Bidding Sites

QuiBids - Your choice for online bidding sites

Looking for information about online bidding sites? QuiBids is one of the best around. We'll break it down for you here.

What's an online bidding site?

"Online bidding site" is a broad term describing any website where customers can bid on products at auction. There are many different auction models gathered under the online bidding site umbrella, but the penny auction model is one of the most common. Online bidding sites like QuiBids, Beezid, and DealDash operate on the penny auction model, though QuiBids' site as a whole is much more sophisticated.

When you search online for bidding sites, what are you looking for?

Is it the thrill of placing bids in a big auction? Or maybe you're into playing smart and getting good deals. Do you just like their competitive nature? Or are you dead-set on winning a huge product for dirt-cheap?

QuiBids' site is built for customers looking for all of the above. People win products for a single bid all the time, and if the auction process wasn't thrilling we guarantee that we wouldn't be hosting thousands of them every day. Don't think QuiBids' customers walk away with huge deals on the regular? We're constantly updating our Epic Wins pinboard on Pinterest and the company blog.

How does bidding on QuiBids' site work?

Like we said earlier, a lot of online bidding sites operate on the penny auction model, and QuiBids is one of them. Customers buy bids from QuiBids up front at a rate of sixty centers per bid, and when placed in an auction, a bid increases the final auction price by one cent, hence the term "penny auction." Now each auction has a timer, and when it runs out the last person to have bid wins the auction. However, a bid increases the amount of time left on the timer, usually by 10 or 20 seconds, depending on the auction. This is like the "Going once, going twice, SOLD!" part of a traditional auction that allows other bidders to decide if they want to keep pursuing the product.

You can read more about how QuiBids' site works at QuiBids 101.

What makes QuiBids the best of the many online bidding sites out there?

QuiBids isn't just a great penny auction site, it's one of the leading online bidding sites in the world. We estimate that we take up about 80+ percent of the space in the penny auction industry (this comes from monitoring traffic at Alexa, the Internet traffic ranking site), and we're pushing out to compete with large online retailers. We're a better site than other penny auctions for several reasons:

  1. QuiBids was the first site to offer a Buy Now option on every auction we host.
  2. The product selection on QuiBids is the largest in the industry.
  3. There's more fun to be had at QuiBids' site than just bidding which is why we're actually considered an online entertainment retail auction site. QuiBids Games and QuiBids Badges are cool ways to earn Voucher Bids for free and you can even buy products at retail price now at the QuiBids Store.
  4. We're a safe place to shop and are a trusted site. We're accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A- rating and have successfully completed two internal control audits by Grant Thornton.

The eBay problem: Why comparing the two online bidding sites doesn't make much sense.

eBay was founded in 1995, which makes it one of the world's oldest dotcom startups. It's also one of the most successful and most trafficked. But comparing QuiBids' auction model to eBay's presents some problems, especially if you're using eBay's as a precedent just because it's older.

On eBay, it doesn't cost any money to bid in an auction. It's pay-to-play at QuiBids, and a lot of people who are familiar with the eBay model automatically compare the two and determine QuiBids to be "wrong" or "unfair." It's easy -and totally understandable- to want to side with the familiar, but bidding on QuiBids' site invokes a factor eBay's doesn't: skill. We think that makes it more exciting, and a more fun experience.

Because all of QuiBids' auctions are customer-determined and not affected by bots or schill bidders, a customer with more knowledge, experience, and bids has an advantage over a less-seasoned one with smaller pockets. There's a lot of strategy required to win a QuiBids auction, so -unlike eBay- it favors the fun and entertainment-seeking customer.