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Oklahoma Storm Bundle

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Oklahoma Storm Bundle

If you’ve ever been to the great state of Oklahoma, you know that it has some of the most crazy and intense storms in the world. For basketball fans, the state of Oklahoma is known for the OKC Thunder, one of the NBA’s hottest teams right now.  But those who aren’t basketball fans, however, might associate Oklahoma with a different kind of Thunder – the kind you’d see in the sky.  As you probably are already aware, QuiBids‘ offices are headquartered in Oklahoma. Just last month, I (Blake Brown) had captured a photograph of an Oklahoma storm from my office window.  The photo showed the back end of a fierce storm with a beautiful rainbow trailing behind it as if it were attached like a tail.  Within a matter of minutes the photo was shared thousands of times, and quickly became viral.  The story behind capturing the photograph can be found here.

Recently, QuiBids enlisted the help of long-time meteorologist and local celebrity, Gary England.  Gary spent many weeks with QuiBids executives vigorously rehearsing his top secret rain dance routine.  He even shared some of his best-kept weather summoning secrets.  After many sleepless nights of exec dance rehearsals with rain dance instructor, Gary England, we’re proud to say that we’ve finally mastered the ability to create and customize storms for commercial purposes.
So how do you get one of these Oklahoma storms for yourself?
Today and today only, QuiBids will be auctioning off an Oklahoma Storm Bundle complete with rain, hail, thunder, lightning and more!  Don’t be fooled by your local ‘fluff’ storms;  Oklahoma Storms mean business.  After doing extensive research (polling my office mates, Matt and Jill), I have created the chart below to help you better understand the differences of intensity between Oklahoma storms and storms located elsewhere.  As you can see, Oklahoma Storms aren’t something to take lightly.


What comes with this Oklahoma Storm Bundle?
The winner of the Oklahoma Storm Bundle will be able to customize various features of the storm by choosing the following:

  • Location and path of the storm
  • Wind speed
  • Choose between pea, dime, quarter, golf ball, and softball sized hail
  • Lightning Frequency
  • Should rainbow follow the storm?
What can you do with an Oklahoma Storm?
You might be asking yourself, “What can I do with an Oklahoma Storm?”  Well, we’re here to tell you that the sky’s the limit!  Here are just a few suggestions:
  • Use the storm as an excuse to get out of work.
  • An Oklahoma Storm is a great way to rain on someone’s parade.
  • Use it as an excuse to get out of class.
  • Is your storm shelter business not doing well?  Use this storm to increase demand and improve sales.
  • An Oklahoma storm is a great way to cure your boredom.
  • You could affect the outcome of an outdoor sporting event.
  • It’s a great way to water your lawn.
  • Follow my footsteps and capture an awesome photo.
  • Water your garden.
  • Water your city.
  • Combat a drought.
  • Test out your new umbrella.
  • Test out your windshield wipers.
  • Win money by betting against the weatherman.
  • Shoot a music video like this:

*This auction is presented for novelty purposes only.  The item shown is part of an April Fool’s Day promotion and cannot be fulfilled.  No bids will be deducted from your account should you choose to bid on this auction.

What's In The Box

*This auction is presented for novelty purposes only.  The item shown is part of an April Fool’s Day promotion and cannot be fulfilled.  No bids will be deducted from your account should you choose to bid on this auction.  The winner of this auction will receive a free game play.

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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