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Toshiba 50L1350U Class 50-Inch LED HDTV

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Toshiba 50L1350U Class 50-Inch LED HDTV

Enjoy vibrant graphics for movies, games, and PC displays in one compact package with the Toshiba 50L1350U 50-Inch LED HDTV. With contoured corners and a slim design, this HDTV has a sleek profile and fits easily in small spaces. A full set of connections allows you to hook up laptops, external speakers, and USB drives.

Slim HDTV for Movies, Games, and PC
Designed to fit in small spaces while offering brilliant, high-contrast picture quality, the Toshiba 50L1350U is an ideal HDTV for kitchens, game rooms, and home offices. The included stand gives you the option of setting the television out or mounting it on a wall, so it's easily accommodated in virtually any space. Available in high-gloss black with elegant curved corners, this TV looks as great as the picture quality it delivers. Use it to enjoy the morning news with breakfast, set up a game station in the playroom, or expand your workstation.

Crystal-Clear Sound and Picture Quality
The features of this 1080p HD television take your viewing experience to a new level, starting with the energy-efficient LED backlight that delivers bright, sharp contrast. A ColorStream HD component and built-in ColorMaster technology bring pictures to life and give you complete six-color control of hue, saturation, and brightness.

And for an enriched audio experience, this HDTV is built with Audyssey EQ and ABX technologies that work together to deliver clear, well-balanced sound--ideal for getting the full experience of action movies, musical performances, and audio-enhanced games.

Versatile Inputs for Full Connectivity
With multiple input options, this user-friendly HDTV gives you the flexibility to connect to a range of devices. Three HDMI inputs, a USB port, a high-def PC port, and a ColorStream HD component allow you to hook it up to a Full Jack Pack or connect external speakers, AV receivers, flash drives, PCs, and laptops.

The USB port lets you view media from a USB drive so you can enjoy slideshows, videos, and music without hooking up your computer--a handy solution if you are planning to wall-mount the screen.


Three Modes for Multipurpose Use
The Toshiba 50L1350U is equipped with three modes--Dynamic Picture Mode, Game Mode, and Cinema Mode.

Delivering maximum clarity and color saturation, Dynamic Picture Mode lets you fully enjoy the intricate graphics of video games, animated films, and visual input from your laptop. Game Mode decreases controller delay for faster gaming action, while GameTimer offers parents the option of setting time limits for video game play. Cinema Mode enhances your movie watching, offering film-quality picture display.


  • ClearScan® 120Hz doubles the refresh rate for clearer fast motion video on the L1350U 32”, 39” and 50” models
  • 1080p Full HD11 resolution—twice the picture detail compared to standard 720p HD available on the L1350U 23”, 39” and 50” models
  • All-new, sophisticated, slim design with curved corners and a sleek stand
  • Energy-efficient, LED-backlit display with vibrant HD picture quality with sharp contrast for lifelike images with natural shadows and highlights
  • Full set of connections for maximum versatility with three HDMI®,12 USB, HD PC inputs and ColorStream® HD-Component
  • Dynamic Picture Mode delivers maximum contrast, clarity and color saturation
  • ColorMaster™ technology for complete six-color management control of hue, saturation and brightness
  • Game Mode reduces controller delay for faster video gaming action
  • GameTimer® allows you to set time limits for video game play and locks the input source for gaming modules when your preset time expires
  • Cinema Mode8 for film-like quality movies
  • Audyssey EQ® and ABX audio technologies for clear, well-balanced sound 

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