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Stanley 18-Ounce Hickory Handle Rubber Mallet

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Stanley 18-Ounce Hickory Handle Rubber Mallet

No shop is complete without a quality rubber mallet. These tools are perfect fot applying striking force without risking damage to the impact surface. The Stanley 57-522 18 Ounce Hickory Handle Rubber Mallet is designed for woodworking and carpentry applications, or any other job that requires a controlled strike from a soft faced hammer. The rubber head is molded directly to the hickory handle and will stand up to repeated impacts and regular use, and the 13-1/4-Inch overall length provides plenty of leverage and power even in tight quarters. When you're looking to add some "ommpf" to your swing, look no further than the Stanley 57-522 18 Ounce Hickory Handle Rubber Mallet.


  • Durable rubber head is great for woodworking, carpentry and more
  • Applies striking power without risk of damage to stock
  • Head is molded to a lacquered hickory handle that is lightweight and durable with that "wood feel"
  • 13-1/4-Inch overall length offer plenty of leverage

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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