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Anolon SureGrip Japanese Stainless Steel Paring Knives with Sheaths - 3 Piece Set - Bronze

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Anolon SureGrip Japanese Stainless Steel Paring Knives with Sheaths - 3 Piece Set - Bronze

Pare and prepare with all the kitchen creativity and dependability your cooking deserves and palate desires, with the beautiful, long-lasting Anolon(r) SureGrip(r) Cutlery Japanese Stainless Steel Paring Knife Set. The qualities of this Anolon(r) SureGrip(r) Cutlery Paring Knife Set begin with blades forged from top-quality Japanese stainless steel. Stone-finished, with a fine taper ground edge for exceptional cutting performance, these parers are essential culinary tools for smaller cutting tasks, and with a convenient set of three, there’s more than one at hand. The handles are constructed for long-lasting stability, elegance, and comfortable grip when peeling Cortland apples, mincing spring garlic, or coring ripe zebra tomatoes. Featuring Anolon(r) SureGrip(r) technology, the silicone-enhanced handles are constructed for comfortable, reliable grip. Full bolsters elegantly connect the blades to the handles, and the knives are finished with stainless steel end caps for balance. Sturdy fitted plastic sheaths protect the blades between uses, and the set makes a great complement to the other quality cutlery and kitchenware in the Anolon(r) collection. Sturdy, solid and stylish, the Anolon(r) SureGrip(r) Cutlery Paring Knife Set provides creative home chefs with superior kitchen paring and preparing performance every day.


  • Forged from top-quality Japanese stainless steel for exceptional durability.
  • Stone-finished blades with fine taper-ground edges for outstanding cutting performance.
  • Handles feature Anolon(r) SureGrip(r) technology with silicone grips for comfortable, reliable handhold.
  • Full bolsters and stainless steel end caps promote knife balance.

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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