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Carson MV-23 Optical 2X Magnivisor

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Carson MV-23 Optical 2X Magnivisor

Ideal for detailed hobby work, such as knitting or model building, the MV-23 MagniVisor, from Carson Optical, is a hands-free 2X magnifier with a 3X flip-down lens and adjustable headband.The MV-23 2x MagniVisor Magnifier with 3x Flip-Down Lens from Carson 


  • Adjustable headband 
  • Hands Free, head-worn 2x Magnifier with a 3x flip-down lens
  • Perfect for all hobbies and crafts 
  • Head-worn 2X magnifier with 3X flip-down lens
  • Comes with an adjustable headband

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • 4 of 5 stars
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38% (3)
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13% (1)
  • Good Magnifier   »   Most Recent Review “These magnifiers do what they advertise. I wear reading glasses and can hardly read most of the small print, so these work great.”
  • Good magnifier   »   Most Helpful Reviews “This magnifier has 2 powers 2x and 3x. It is very clear with no distortion. I would recommend it for close work.”
  • Stiff and not comfortable to wear.   »  distantkc  Most Helpful Critical Reviews “It was no help at all. The plastic is rigid and hard to get use to. So it went in the junk”