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What's the danger of fake, 'Phishing' or 'Spoofing' emails?

"Phishing" or "Spoofing" emails are illegal attempts to obtain confidential information such as passwords or credit card details. Please contact us if you're asked in an email or phone call for such confidential data.

Security notice: Don't give out your password via email or phone!

QuiBids will never request your password via emails or by the phone. If you do receive an email message or phone call regarding your password, please report the incident to Customer Support, as it is likely an attempt by an outside party to breach your security.

I've received an email that seems suspicious. What should I do?

First and foremost, never click on a link or download anything from an email you're suspicious of. These actions may enable outside parties to illegally obtain your private information.

Second, please forward these emails to We'll check them out and inform you whether or not they're legitimate.

How do I recognize a fake email about a request for payment?

Payments to QuiBids can only be made via the QuiBids website, Please don't respond to any emails or phone calls regarding payments.

Payment method security

Any transactions conducted through our website are secure. Only you see your card details, so it's actually much more secure than using your card in a store.

When you reach the checkout, you'll notice a padlock symbol on your browser bar. Also, the URL will begin with 'HTTPS' instead of 'HTTP'. Both indicate that this is a secure page.

Payment transactions with QuiBids are always conducted on secure encrypted connection. This SSL connection is verified by VeriSign and provides the highest level of confidence for all transactions on QuiBids.

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