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Pros For Africa Charity - Green Bay

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This auction ended

2011-07-28 19:34 CDT

  • Value Price: $500.00
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Pros For Africa Charity - Green Bay

Here is your chance to make a difference! QuiBids has teamed up with Pros for Africa for your chance to win signed sports memorabilia. You will be bidding on a framed canvas signed by 4 players from the Green Bay Packers. All proceeds for this auction will be donated to children in need in Africa through Pros for Africa, a non-profit relief organization. 

Pros for Africa is more than just professional athletes. 
Pros for Africa is about professionals from all fields. 
Pros for Africa is about YOU making a difference.
PROS FOR AFRICA (“PFA“) is an international, non-profit relief organization headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Through invaluable partnerships with professional athletes, business professionals and other organizations, PFA provides food, water, clothing, medicine and other necessities to disadvantaged children of war, poverty and natural disaster.
PROS FOR AFRICA was founded in 2009 to focus on African children in need.  In addition to supplying material necessities, PFA looks to provide the children of Africa with a little HOPE, HELP and LOVE – Oklahoma style.  The co-founders of PFA include:  Reggie Whitten, Bill Horn, Jay Mitchel, Jared Mitchel, Adrian Peterson, Tommie Harris, Roy Williams and Mark Clayton.


  • Framed canvas
  • Signed by: Greg Jennings, Ryan Grant, James Jones and Nick Collins
  • Limited Edition (#17 of 25)
  • 9" x 25"

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: No Returns

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