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Cuisinart TOB-155 6-Slice Toaster Oven - Stainless Steel

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This auction ended

2012-05-07 01:22 CDT

  • Value Price: $139.99
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Cuisinart TOB-155 6-Slice Toaster Oven - Stainless Steel

This Cuisinart Toast Oven Broiler has a great sense of style, three versatile cooking options, state-of-the-art electronic touchpad controls, and a capacity large enough to let it double as a second oven. Cuisinart makes baking a whole chicken, broiling fish, or toasting 6 slices of bread easy as pie! Housed in matte black with stainless-steel accents, this six-slice toaster oven offers not only an attractive addition to the kitchen countertop, but it also provides an array of convenient features. Its spacious 0.6-cubic-foot capacity allows for baking a whole chicken, broiling fish for the family, or toasting six slices of bread at one time. It will even accommodate a 12-inch pizza. The multifunctional countertop unit supplies state-of-the-art electronic touchpad controls and three versatile cooking options--pizza/bake, broil, and toast. Combining sophisticated technology with simple operation, it includes a four- to six-slice toasting button with bagel, reheat, and defrost buttons, plus clock and oven timers. In addition, its Always Even shade control with Exact Heat sensor maintains a precise oven temperature, and cleanup's a snap thanks to the easy-to-clean interior. With its stainless-steel front panels and brushed chrome commercial-style handle, the toaster oven measures 16 by 17-3/4 by 9-5/8 inches and carries a three-year limited warranty.


  • Put the convenience of a second oven to work in your kitchen with this versatile counter top appliance from Cuisinart
  • 0.6 cubic foot capacity is large enough for a 12.0" pizza!
  • Bake, broil or toast with the touch of a button
  • Functions: Pizza/Bake, Broil, Toast, Bagel, reheat and defrost settings
  • Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning of drips, spills and crumbs
  • Commercial-look brushed stainless steel front and matte black exterior
  • Exact Heat sensor maintains precise oven temperature
  • Always Even shade control for flawless toast
  • Two-position oven rack with safety stop features
  • Easy-to-use touch-pad control and bright LCD display
  • Comes with a broiler pan and drip tray
  • Automatic shut-off after 4 hours for peace of mind
  • Side carrying handles to safely move oven
  • Instruction booklet includes recipes
  • Model number: TOB-155
  • Watts: 1500
  • Dimensions: 16.14" wide x 15.75" deep x 10.03" high
  • Weight: 13.6 lbs.

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • 4.5 of 5 stars
63% (48)
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4% (3)
  • No problems   »   Most Recent Review “We bought this oven to save on propane. It seemed silly to heat the whole oven for small things. We have had it a couple years now, and it has performed perfectly.”
  • Excellent performer, one *minor* design flaw ...   »   Most Helpful Reviews “I've had this Cuisinart toaster oven since last August, and use it several times a week for baking or broiling. I usually cook for one person (me), and I don't like to heat up my…”
  • Nonstick coating is toxic   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “I am trying to find a good toaster oven which does not contain a toxic nonstick coating (ie, containing PTFE/PFOA) similar to Teflon (a brand name).”

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