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Kalorik Meat Slicer

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This auction ended

2012-06-13 03:06 CDT

  • Value Price: $96.49
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Kalorik Meat Slicer - Red

Stop paying extra for pre-sliced food! Slice your own meat, cheese, bread, vegetables and fruit quickly and easily with this high-quality slicer. The variable thickness control makes it possible to choose from 0 (safe mode when unit is put away), deli-thin (1/32") to thick (1/2"). The large multipurpose 7 1/2 inch serrated stainless steel blade handles a wide range of food sizes and shapes. Extra highlight are the depth control and a strong, high-quality 200 watt gear motor.


  • Powerful motor, suited to slice frozen food (or deep frozen food if less than 4mm thick)
  • Metallic housing, epoxy finition
  • 19CM / 7-1/2-Inch blade
  • Removable stainless steel blade
  • Thickness adjustment 0-1/2-inch

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 days in the original packaging

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Review Snapshot

  • 4 of 5 stars
40% (29)
29% (21)
10% (7)
11% (8)
11% (8)
  • Good product.   »   Most Recent Review “The slicer is everthing I expected. It is not a commercial unit , but does the job very well. I am very pleased with the product's performance.”
  • Awesome   »   Most Helpful Reviews “arrived quickly,as promised.Not what I expected for the price.Thought it was affordable enough,but well-built enough,that I couldn't complain b/c it would "get the job done".”
  • dreadful product   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “I bought this meat slicer after some research and used once for bread with soso outcome. Today I tried to cut a beef roast in thin slices for sandwichs and it was a complete…”

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