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Escort Passport iQ 5" GPS/Radar Detector

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This auction ended

2012-03-30 19:21 CDT

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Escort Passport iQ 5" GPS/Radar Detector

This radar detector features GPS navigation with 3D mapping and voice guidance to help you find your destination. The Defender database offers information on speed traps, red-light cameras and speed camera locations throughout North America.


  • Detector mode
  • Offers long-range warning on multiple radar bands, including X, K, Superwide Ka, Ku and instant-on Pop modes. The expert mode allows you to track multiple sources, including numeric frequency.
  • GPS
  • With Navteq 3D mapping, turn-by-turn voice guidance, branded points of interest, speed limit data and lane assist to help guide you to your destination.
  • PASSPORT iQ map view
  • Allows you to view your current location and route on a map. Also provides speed trap and camera icons that allow you to mark points for future reference, displaying radar and laser alerts with a corresponding bar graph.
  • PASSPORT iQ detector view
  • Offers multiple screens to track and display up to 4 different radar signals and allows you to manage alerts and mark speed traps and safety camera locations.
  • Preloaded Defender database
  • Provides audible and visual alerts for speed traps, red-light cameras and speed camera locations for North America.
  • Multiple laser sensors
  • On the front and rear of the device offer 360° protection.
  • AutoLearn
  • Automatically learns and rejects false radar sources based on exact location and frequency.
  • Threat-signal ranking (TSR) software
  • Automatically sorts, ranks and rejects traffic-flow monitoring false alarms.
  • Cruise alert
  • Offers modified radar alerts within specific speeds. AutoSensitivity mode provides real-time radar performance.
  • SpecDisplay
  • Provides actual numeric frequency for radar signals.
  • SmartCord
  • With power-on indicator, supplies power to the device. An LED alert light warns of a radar or laser and a mute button offers easy access to the mute and TrueLock features.
  • 5" LCD screen
  • With OneTouch user interface for easy navigation through settings. Multiple screen options allow you to customize the information you want to see and adjust the color.
  • USB port
  • For connecting to your PC or laptop to download software updates or charge the battery. The microSD port enables you to add future map updates.
  • External GPS port
  • Accepts a GPS device for improved reception.

What's In The Box

  • Escort PASSPORT IQ Radar/Laser Detector and GPS
  • SmartCord, USB cable
  • Mounting bracket
  • Owner's manual

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • 3 of 5 stars
26% (15)
13% (7)
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16% (9)
33% (19)
  • Escort 9500ix   »   Most Recent Review “New out of box...a clunker. Buttons including power button...MRK...BRT...GPS..nothing worked. Drove it for 40 miles to office passing 2 officers with radar....”
  • Amazing product   »   Most Helpful Reviews “::POSITIVES:: * Tremendous range (of radar detector) * Great gps system * 4/5 stars for the Defender red-light camera database (that's my personal rating); there are a few it…”
  • Not good at all   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “I have used the Iq now for 3 weeks and I'm not happy at all...Firstly the unit is very heavy and the support bracket too flimsy so it vibrates all the time.”

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