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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: The Masters - PS3

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This auction ended

2012-06-02 19:08 CDT

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: The Masters - PS3

You step onto the 18th green of Augusta National and the gallery erupts in applause. You've come out of nowhere to steal a commanding lead on Sunday at The Masters — leaving the top golfers in the sport behind. With a mere 6" to go to seal your victory, you soak up everything as you walk to your ball. The trees and the grass to the sights, sounds and smells — you want to remember this forever. You approach your ball and, with a light tap of your putter, the ball drops into the cup. You're the new owner of the elusive Green Jacket.

Put your golf skills to the test as you walk some of the world's most immaculate courses while competing for the top prize in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13. This installment in EA SPORTS' popular golf franchise stars young, up-and-coming golfer, Rickie Fowler on the cover alongside Tiger. Once again, you'll be able to drive, chip and putt on the grass of Augusta National Golf Club — home of The Masters. Walk down the lush 400-yard fairways, explore the magnificent white bunkers and try to sink your winning putt on slick greens that demand your absolute best. Do you have what it takes to earn the right to slip on the famous Green Jacket? With the motion-tracking capabilities of the PlayStation Move, you'll be able to blast a powerful drive off the tee, chip the ball out of the bunker or sink a championship-winning putt from 100' away. This Collector's Edition includes five additional courses, Augusta National's Tournament Practice Facility and more in addition to your chance to relive some of Tiger's most memorable achievements and take a look at his impact on the golf world. Are you ready to become Master of your golf destiny?
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  • Collector's Edition features Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13, the ability to explore the sprawling landscapes of Augusta National, five additional championship golf courses, Augusta National's world-class Tournament Practice Facility and more
  • Walk the grounds of golf's hallowed course, Augusta National, like never before as you survey 400-yard fairways, stunning white bunkers and challenging greens
  • Slip on the coveted Green Jacket during the presentation ceremony, and unlock exclusive pro-shop items in this Collector's Edition
  • Relive the most memorable moments from Tiger's legacy and experience his impact on the sport of golf
  • Improve your skills at Augusta National's world-class Tournament Practice Facility included with this Collector's Edition
  • Drive the ball, putt with precision or get your ball out of the hazards with the motion-tracking capabilities of the PlayStation Move (not included)
  • Experience one of the greatest traditions in sports as you play against the world's best players on the sacred grounds of The Masters
  • Drive, chip and putt your way to victory in your journey toward the famed Green Jacket as you take advantage of the revamped swing control
  • Create your own foursome and play on the most stunning courses the world has to offer in local or online multiplayer gameplay
  • Up-and-coming young golfer Rickie Fowler joins Tiger on the cover
  • For 1 to 4 players

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • 4 of 5 stars
48% (29)
19% (11)
12% (7)
5% (3)
19% (11)
  • nickel and dime you to death   »   Most Recent Review “I thought when you bought the game you would receive what courses you needed to play the game ? . But they hit you up to buy more courses that are not included so you can compete…”
  • Best golf simulation to date...   »   Most Helpful Reviews “If you notice the people giving this game bad reviews are the ones that want this game to be easy and much more "arcade" like, if that is what you are looking for then this game…”
  • Avoid EA Sports Games   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “Turned off by downloadable content shoved in my face. Poor use of PGA License. You license Jim Nantz and he hardly says anything!”

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