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Speck Bookwrap Case for Kindle Fire + 20 Bids

  • 20 Voucher Bids
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This auction ended

2012-03-10 03:05 CST

  • Value Price: $35.99
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Speck Bookwrap Case for Kindle Fire

If you're looking for a lightweight, fully protective Kindle Fire (or similar sized tablet) case, BookWrap has you covered. It features a slim protective cover that won't add much bulk, and soft interior lining that looks great and is built to last. The molded frame is designed to hold your Kindle Fire securely in place, keeping vulnerable corners and edges completely protected.


  • Molded frame protects corners and edges
  • Perfect fit for Kindle Fire, similar sized e-reader/tablets
  • Stylish protection for all sides of your Kindle Fire
  • Slim silhouette doesn't add bulk
  • Soft interior lining

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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