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Wahl 7367-200 Custom Shave System

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This auction ended

2012-05-31 01:39 CDT

  • Value Price: $58.99
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Wahl 7367-200 Custom Shave System

The Wahl Custom Shave System offers superior closeness and comfort. This deluxe electric shaver has a powerful motor for fast, close shaves. It comes with three shaving heads for a close shave, a super-close shave, and a sensitive shave for those who tend to get in-grown hairs. Each shaving attachment has dual flexible foil heads that hug the curves along the face, chin, and neck for a smoother, safer shave. Shaver features ergonomic shape with soft touch grips, pop-up trimmer which extends to provide high visibility for trimming sideburns, beard or mustache & charging LED. The shaver works via corded or cordless operation and comes with the three shaving heads, a charger, a storage stand, a foil guard, a foil storage container, a cleaning brush, travel pouch, and English/Spanish instructions. This shaver is covered by Wahl under a two-year limited warranty.


  • 3-head system sensitive, close and super close
  • Ergonomic shape with soft touch grips
  • Pop-up trimmer extends to provide high-visibility trimming of sideburns, beard, or mustache
  • This purchase includes: rechargeable cord, cleaning brush, foil guard, 3 foil heads, soft zippered storage case, plastic storage case, sensitive foil head, comfort close foil head, ultra clean foil head

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • Great Razor   »   Most Recent Review “Wonderful razor. I have owned the very best "Made in Germany" Braun razors and this razor is every bit as good. It is light weight which is why many say it feels "cheap".”
  • Best electric shaver ever   »   Most Helpful Reviews “This electric has more "horsepower" by far than any other I've owned. Even the pop-up trimmer is super-powered so shaving & trimming is fast and takes minimal effort.”

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