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Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Driver - Right Hand - 9.5

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This auction ended

2011-07-16 12:11 CDT

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Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Driver - Right Hand - 9.5

Looking to take up the game of golf but don't want to break the bank on clubs? Turn to the Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Complete Set, which includes everything you need to hit the links with confidence.

This bundle includes the following:

  • Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Driver
  • Callaway Razr Hawk 3 Wood
  • Callaway Razr X 3 Hybrid
  • Callaway Razr X Tour Iron Set
  • Callaway Forged X Series Jaw CC Slate 3 Wedge Pack
  • Odyssey White Ice Dart Putter
  • Callaway Hyper-Lite 4.0 Bag
  • Callaway uPro MX GPS
  • Callaway Tour i(s) Golf Balls



Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Driver

Once again, Callaway has made a giant leap forward with Forged Composite technology in the new RAZR Hawk Driver. This new material gave engineers the freedom to position weight exactly where needed for maximized distance, accuracy, and workability. With the RAZR Hawk Driver, there are no tradeoffs. It’s golf’s first uncompromised driver.

Forged Composite™: Revolutionary new material in the sole and crown that's lighter, stronger than titanium. Over 23 million turbostratic carbon fibers comprise 67% of the clubhead and allow Callaway engineers to precisely control weight like never before. The lighter clubhead enables the user of a longer shaft for faster swing speed and longer distance without compromising forgiveness.

Hyperbolic Face Technology™: Precisely controls thickness of the face for consistently high ball speeds and longer distance.

RAZR: Weighting System allows you the option to choose either a draw or neutral configuration in select models.


Callaway Razr Hawk 3 Wood

The Callaway RAZR Hawk Fairway Wood is uncompromised performance. The addition of Forged Composite in the crown allows the new RAZR Hawk Fairway Woods to perform like no other that Callaway has ever made. This revolutionary new material is used in the crown and is lighter and stronger than titanium. This allows Callaway's engineers to precisely control thickness like never, resulting in a clubhead that is lighter but still has an extremely high MOI. The lighter clubhead creates faster head speed, ball speed and greater distance without sacrificing forgiveness. The combination of distance, accuracy and feel has allowed Callaway to deliver the first uncompromised fairway wood.


Callaway Razr X 3 Hybrid

RAZR X Hybrids leverage Callaway’s new Zero Roll Design to help golfers hit higher and longer shots, even those shots struck low on the face. These inertia-driven clubs are highly playable and offer hot ball speeds with either standard or Tour models, so golfers can dial in ideal performance.


Callaway Razr X Tour Iron Set

The new RAZR X Tour Irons are designed for low-to-mid handicap players looking for a next-generation combination of playability and workability. While other irons chase one specific performance attribute, RAZR Technology provides the optimal balance of distance, accuracy and feel, with Tour-inspired styling.

Key Features:

Power Meets Precision
Longer and 26% more accurate - the quivalent of hitting it four feet closer to the hole than its predecessor, this Tour-inspired iron delivers consistent distance control for tighter shots, shorter putts, lower scores.

RAZR Technology
RAZR Technology shifts the center of gravity 23% lower and 18% deeper for enhanced playability, while also retaining the turf interaction advantages and workability of a thin-sole iron.

VFT Power System
A refined VFT Face and High-Definition Undercut cavity are tailored to each individual iron. The result is more consistent ball speeds across the face for more distance and accuracy, even on miss-hits.

Tour-Inspired Head Shape
RAZR X Tour Irons have a smaller profile with less offset and a thinner topline for a sleeker look at address. This produces the workability and control sought by better players.

#1 Irons In Golf
Since 1997, more golfers have trusted Callaway irons than any other brand in golf. We are passionately dedicated to discovering new ways to help you take your game to the next level.


Callaway Forged X Series Jaws CC Slate 3 Wedge Pack

Engineered by Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland, the X Series Jaws CC Wedges feature the new Tour CC Grooves that meet the Condition of Competition on Tour, currently the only place they are required for play. Callaway's proprietary groove pattern produces enhanced spin, even under the new USGA regulations. The C-Grind Sole and classic head design ensure versatility for the short game while providing Tour-level feel from soft forged 1020 carbon steel construction.

Key Features:

Designed by Roger Cleveland
Created by Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland the X Series Jaws CC Wedges feature the industry-leading Tour CC Grooves. Available only on Callaway’s Forged products, this proprietary groove pattern packs up to 40% more grooves onto the clubface. Testing has shown these grooves generate the most spin on shots out of the rough when compared with other manufacturers.

Tour CC Grooves
21 tightly spaced grooves with sharper edges due to the superior Triple Net Forging process provide the maximum conforming area capacity, providing the highest levels of spin and control out of the rough when compared to other club manufacturers.

Versatility for Precision Shot-Making
The unique grind options have been designed to work with each clubhead’s loft and bounce angle for consistent turf interaction. The C-Grind® sole, found on higher bounce offerings, enables golfers to lay the face open while keeping the leading edge down – allowing for more bounce without compromising playability. This design relieves the heel, toe and trailing edge, resulting in a 'C' shape on the sole.

Soft Feel and Feedback
The high-grade forged 1020 carbon steel provides better feel and feedback around the greens. A unique Triple Net Forging process allows Callaway to design grooves that generate more spin and control around the greens.


Odyssey White Ice Dart Putter

This cutting edge putter features the latest in advanced alignment technology. Along with perimeter weighting and a double-bend shaft, the innovative mallet uses D.A.R.T. alignment technology to ensure better accuracy and promote consistent strikes for increased distance control. The White Ice Insert is our most popular, best feeling multi-layer insert. Developed after extensive feedback from players on Tour, our engineers have enhanced its sound, responsiveness and consistency. Coupled with a Dark Nickel finish for a premium look, White Ice D.A.R.T. Putters provide Tour-level performance with Tour-inspired feel.


Callaway Hyper-Lite 4.0 Bag

The Callaway Hyper-Lite 4.0 Golf Stand Bag is designed with every technology that could fit into a bag weighing four-pounds to make walking the course feel like a walk in the park. This golf stand bag features XTT Flex Foot Base Technology, a four-point double strap and much more.

Key Features:

  • 9", 6-way oval top with integrated injection molded hand grip
  • Xtra Traction Technology 2 flex foot base with stable stand system
  • 4-point double strap evenly distributes the bag's weight for comfortable carry 
  • Custom molded zippers pulls, towel ring, and handle 
  • Foam hip pad for better ventilation and comfort 
  • 11 pockets provide plenty of storage space 
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket 
  • Glove holder and tee holders 
  • Pen holder and ball marker 
  • Water bottle pocket


Callaway uPro MX GPS

Callaway uPro MX ushers in a new standard in Golf GPS with a host of intuitive technological advancements, thousands of preloaded courses and no annual fees. A multi-gesture, color touch screen allows golfers to easily navigate the device with the swipe of a finger. Each device comes preloaded with over 25,000 courses in Basic and GoMode for out of the box playability. Players can purchase the enhanced functionality of ProMode* – which includes actual aerial imagery of the courses and tour-style video flyovers – for a simple, one-time fee. Upro mx packs more technology and functionality into a GPS unit that boasts the best user experience on the market at a great low price.


Callaway Tour i(s) Golf Balls

It’s no secret that the new groove rules instituted by the USGA are designed to reduce spin off wedges and short irons, placing more of a premium on shot-making. The new Tour i(s) leverages 2nd Generation Dual Core technology, making it easier for golfers of all abilities to generate maximum short-game spin. The softest Callaway tour ball ever features refined HEX Aerodynamics for a stronger ball flight and more distance by reducing drag and promoting efficient ball flight in all wind conditions.

Maximum Greenside Spin and Control
The Hyper-Urethane™ cover improves spin off wedges and shorter clubs. Maximum spin around the greens allows for total control with Tour-level distance.

Soft Feel, Better Durability
The 2nd Generation Dual Core construction has a lower compression, creating a ball that feels and plays softer than any other tour-caliber ball Callaway has ever designed.

Longer Distance and Greater Accuracy
A new, refined HEX Aerodynamics with six Sub-HEX geometries increases distance by reducing drag and cutting through the wind with a stronger, more penetrating ball flight.

  • Hyper-Urethane™ cover improves spin off wedges and shorter clubs for maximum spin around the greens and total control.
  • 2nd Generation Dual Core creates a ball that feels and plays softer than any other tour model Callaway has ever made.
  • New, refined HEX Aerodynamics increases distance by reducing drag and cutting through the wind with a stronger, more penetrating ball flight.

What's In The Box

  • Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Driver
  • Callaway Razr Hawk 3 Wood
    • 3 Wood Stiff Flex
  • Callaway Razr X 3 Hybrid
    • #3 21° Stiff
  • Callaway Razr X Tour Iron Set
    • Set Includes: 3 Iron, 4 Iron, 5 Iron, 6 Iron, 7 Iron, 8 Iron, 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge
    • True Temper S300 Steel Flex Shafts
  • Callaway Forged X Series Jaw CC Slate 3 Wedge Pack
    • 52°, 56°, 60° Forged X Series Jaws CC Slate Wedge
    • S300 Steel Shafts
  • Odyssey White Ice Dart Putter
    • 35" Only
  • Callaway Hyper-Lite 4.0 Bag
    • Color: White Only
  • Callaway uPro MX GPS
  • Callaway Tour i(s) Golf Balls
    • 6 boxes

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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