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OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

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2012-06-02 18:36 CDT

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OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

Designed for the home and/or office, OptiShot is a fully immersive, super realistic, virtual golf experience.

You use your own clubs to hit drives, approach shots and putts - all in the comfort of your own home.

  • Compact and portable setup
  • Entertainment for friends and family
  • Realistic and affordable
  • Ideal for all ages

If you hook your tee shot into the trees, you’ll get to punch it out under a limb. Have to hit a wedge over a bunker to a tight pin? You’d better hit it the right distance and put enough spin on it.

OptiShot is cutting edge science and virtual reality. Fun for the whole family and a great way to entertain friends. Our proprietary technology and crystal-clear graphics make you feel like you're on a real course.


During the course of a round you will be faced with many shots requiring shot making and shaping skills. How well you're able to handle these shots will make a big difference in your score and how much fun you have playing the game.

Until now your only option to practice at home has been to hit into a net. If you’re practicing into a net, you’re missing out on observing your ball's flight. This means you’re not getting the critical feedback needed to improve your swing. You’re left guessing as to what’s actually happening to your golf shots and will end up practicing the wrong thing over and over again.

Hitting balls on OptiShot is a completely immersive experience. Control the ball just like you would outdoors. You’ll know whether that shot in the right rough was a slice or a push and what in your swing made it happen. This makes practicing at home much more beneficial, helping you understand your golf swing and lower your scores.

Whether you’re on the driving range in Practice Mode or challenging yourself to a championship course in Play Mode, you will get realistic and accurate feedback. The combination of shot analysis and shot tracer technology puts the information right in front of you so you can make the adjustments necessary to routinely hit better shots with every club in your bag.

Live Feedback
OptiShot expertly breaks down your swing at impact & provides you with instant analysis. and Play
Hone your skill with repeated shots or enjoy full round of golf with up to 4 players.

True Simulation
The expanding library of golf courses not only look and feel like real courses, they play like them too.

Patented Technology
OptiShot offers a modern interface, making it advanced yet easy-to-use.

What You Need
To take full advantage of the OptiShot, you only need a computer (minimum system requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7; 2GB of memory and 3GB of disk space; high end graphics card required for 3D golf), golf club, and 8.5-foot or higher ceilings. The device is for indoor use only.

Easy Setup
Setup is a snap. Simply install the software and plug the Optical Swing Pad in to your Windows computer; practice using your own clubs in the comfort of your home and hit real balls, foam balls, or no balls at all; and play full rounds of golf with up to four players.

Replicated Course Library Includes:

  • The Golf Club Scottsdale
  • Torrey Black Golf Course
  • Torrey White Golf Course
  • Black Mountain Golf Course
  • Long Island Black Golf Course
  • Barseback Golf and Country Club
  • Palm Desert Canyons Golf Course
  • Palm Desert Mountains Golf Course

Additional Features:

  • Par 3 tee's - great for confined spaces
  • Supports left or right handed players
  • Standard or metric measurements
  • Realistic driving range with multiple target greens
  • Durable and built to last -- 180 day warranty
  • Software upgrades and new features

What's In The Box

  • Infrared Optical Swing Pad
  • OptiShot Software
  • OptiShot 3DD Golf Software with Practice & Play Mode
  • USB cable (10 ft.)
  • Foam practice balls
  • Adjustable rubber tees
  • Quick-start guide

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • My Husband Love This Gift   »   Most Recent Review “We have hooked this up to our computer and are having fun practicing our swing while there is snow on the ground. My husband tried this out at a local sports store, so he knew…”
  • Awesome product   »   Most Helpful Reviews “If you are really good already and live on a golf course and have membership and play several times a week you'll probably think this product is not very interesting..”
  • Not nearly as accurate as I had hoped. More like a toy than golf simulator. Not worth $400   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “I purchased this simulator over a year ago and returned it within the first two weeks of owning it. I have played on the large simulators at golf shops and the P3ProSwing…”

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