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Bust One- Limit Buster!

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This auction ended

2012-03-30 05:50 CDT

  • Value Price: $15.00
  • Bids Credit: -
  • Real / Voucher
  • Auction Price: -
  • Winner Savings:

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Bust One- Limit Buster!

What's a Limit Buster?

Limit Busters are products you can win in QuiBids auctions that get you around our auction limit policies! If you win this Limit Buster, 1 of your limits will be cleared from your 28-day win limit (don’t worry — you get to keep the products you won), thereby allowing you to sidestep some of the Auction Limits.

Please note that Limit Busters still apply to your daily limit of 12 wins. You can only win 12 QuiBids auctions in a single day, whether they are for actual items, gift cards, Voucher Bids, or Limit Busters.

Limit Busters do not affect the following site rules:

  • You may only win one item valued at $1,000 or more in a 28-day period.
  • You may not win multiple auctions for the same product worth more than $285 in a 28-day period.
  • You may not win more than 12 auctions of any type (Limit Buster and Voucher Bid auctions included) in a 24-hour period.
  • A user may only win one 250 Voucher Bid auction and two 100 Voucher Bid auctions every 24 hours. Additionally, a user may only win one 500 Voucher Bid auction and one 1000 Voucher Bid auction every 7 days.

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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