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Emeril 3-Piece Multi-Purpose Set + 1X Gameplay

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This auction ended

2012-05-31 02:18 CDT

  • Value Price: $59.99
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Emeril 3-Piece Multi-Purpose Set

Cutting and chopping was never this easy but now it is with Emeril 3-Piece Multipurpose Set & Box. This professional quality set is comprised of 3 knives to take care of your difficult cooking jobs. Each piece in this set is manufactured from an A-grade stainless steel blade ensuring smooth and friction-free cutting of veggies and meat. The full tang extends the length of the handle providing good strength and balance while using the knives.


  • 3-Piece Multipurpose Set & Box
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Manufactured from high quality material
  • A-grade stainless steel blade
  • smooth and friction-free cutting of veggies and meat

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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