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Samsung 59D8000 59" 3D Plasma TV

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This auction ended

2011-06-10 12:07 CDT

  • Value Price: $2,718.49
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Samsung 59D8000 59" 3D Plasma TV

The Samsung PN59D8000 59" Plasma 3D HDTV packs a huge amount of great high-end specs and convenience features into a wafer-thin 1" (25.4mm) frame which gives the illusion of a bigger picture and a narrower outer frame - all in virtually the same space as previous generation models.

The combination of Mega Dynamic Contrast which delivers a ratio of 25,000,000:1 with 1080p HD and the Crystal Full HD Engine makes the PN59D8000 a remarkable TV by any standard. But that's just the beginning. Samsung hasn't sacrificed creature comforts for strong specs.
Since every room is different, the PN59D8000 employs a Real Black Filter, which allows you to enjoy sharp and well-defined black shadows and dark details. The 600Hz Subfield Motion performance flashes the plasma sub-pixels, rendering crystal-clear, judderless action which will definitely make gamers and sports fans happy. Additionally, the PN59D8000's wide connectivity includes four HDMI connections to accommodate current components and future purchases. A USB drive allows you to share slide shows and videos with your friends with ConnectShare Movie.
In addition to all of the above, the PN59D8000 is loaded with convenience features like built-in Wi-Fi, Local Contrast Enhancer and AllShare DLNA networking.
Lastly, Energy Star compliance means that you'll be saving money while helping to save the environment.
*This item is not eligible for a return.
*Disclaimer: Please be sure to open and inspect this television thoroughly before signing off on a clean delivery. If signed for pre-inspection, customer assumes all responsibilty for any damages, defects, or repair issues.


Samsung Smart TV™
An exclusive service that turns your TV into a web-enabled gateway where you can interact, watch, play and share with friends.

3D picture performance
See how 3D HD movies and sports come alive with a true sense of depth and action that leaps from the screen. Connect to a Samsung Blu-ray™ 3D Player to play 3D titles or intensify your viewing experience by upconverting regular 2D content to immersive 3D.*
* Full 3D experience requires 3D-native content; conventional 2D content can also be upconverted to near-3D image quality.
Narrow bezel with 1" larger screen
A bigger picture and a narrower outer frame – all in virtually the same space as previous generation models
Crystal Full HD Engine
Images of incredible clarity are achieved by the Samsung Crystal Full HD Engine chip. By unifying all of the TV's advanced imaging technologies, the Samsung Crystal Full HD Engine expands performance, enhances all aspects of the image, and takes picture quality and image integrity to new levels of excellence.
Cinema Smooth™
Cinema Smooth™ lets you enjoy the unbelievably smooth, realistic action in every frame.
Real Black Filter
Enjoy sharp and well-defined black shadows and dark details.
ConnectShare™ Movie
Connect a thumb drive or digital camera quickly and easily. User-friendly interface allows access to videos, music playlists and pictures via the remote.
Skype™on Samsung TV
Enjoy the convenience and connectivity of free, IP-based, picture-inpicture video calls via Skype™ right from your couch: View it all lifesize on your Samsung TV.
AllShare™ DLNA® networking
Share content from other digital devices to your TV for you to enjoy on screen.

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Return Policy: No Returns

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  • Great picture quality!   »   Most Recent Review “I purchased a PN59D8000, which I have had for about two years now. I used the the picture settings provided by cnet, and all I can say is wow!”
  • Samsung - Kudos for Outstanding Customer Service   »   Most Helpful Reviews “Last fall, I purchased the precursor to this model, the PN58C8000 Plasma TV. I loved the TV, but it had developed a burn in problem outside the 4:3 box.”
  • Not Worth It. Buzzing is HORRIBLE.   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “The buzzing associated with this Plamsa TV is so incredibly annoying that it ruins the entire experience. I wont go into detail about this unit or even mention the image quality.”

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