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BMS Heritage 2012 150cc Gas Scooter - Black

  • Bid-O-Matic
  • Speed Auction
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This auction ended

2012-08-31 16:59 CDT

  • Value Price: $1,899.99
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BMS Heritage 2012 150cc Gas Scooter - Black

The New 2012 BMS Heritage 150CC Gas Scooter is the perfect alternative to cars and motorcycles. This scooter is very fuel efficient and economical, and can get up to 85 MPG. Completely redesigned, the bestselling BMS Scooter of all time has just become even sweeter! It's time to take a ride on the wild side, feel the wind in your hair, and start saving money! The 2012 BMS Heritage 150CC Gas Scooter is the perfect alternative to cars and motorcycles. This scooter is fuel efficient, economical, and can get up to 85 MPG!

All of this with combined with unlimited technical assistance makes this scooter the smart choice!
Imagine zipping through traffic and saving at the pump. With an ever changing economy and congestion on the road many people are leaving their gas guzzling cars at home and instead choosing to purchase a scooter. Scooters are super convenient! Getting from place to place hasn’t been easier. Scooters are reliable, low maintenance, easy to handle and safe to drive. Great for students on the go looking for affordable means of transportation. Excellent for 9-5 commuters stuck in traffic rushing to get to work on time and trying to get home quicker.
For those of you who dig the retro style, but are looking for modern technology, this scooter is just right for you. The 2012 BMS Heritage 150CC Motor Scooter is a luxurious, classically European designed scooter with contemporary technology and design. Getting up to 85 MPG, the Heritage 150CC is the ultimate gas saver and environmentally friendly. The all-new 2012 BMS Heritage 150CC Gas Scooter offers that classic Italian look, but with contemporary technology and design. The BMS Heritage gas scooter is shaped to look like the original Italian designs such as the Vespa or Lambretta. It is small and compact, elegant, and has the curves to make even the most humble of men blush.
Safe, Convenient, and Comfortable. Your 2012 Heritage comes exclusive from Quibids with a 26 point mechanic PDI (pre-delivery inspection). Each vehicle is checked, adjusted and started before leaving our warehouse to ensure arrival to you is road ready to leave your stress behind. There is nothing better than having the feeling of riding a super stylish motor scooter and knowing you have the finest painting art work and durable top line parts that other identical scooters are lacking. A safety anti-theft security system is included. Other key features to add to not just safety, but also convenient and comfort, are the aluminum foot plate, chrome shield muffler, and storage compartment. Comfort grips and seat to boot!  The storage compartment is a universal piece that can attach to various different vehicles. The alignment of this piece may vary among different vehicles.
Ride in style. A lot of people like chrome on their rides. Well so does BMS Motorsports. These mopeds feature a chrome engine cover, rear view billet mirrors, halogen headlight, dual stage UV protected paint, front and rear decorative pieces, an aluminum alloy footboard, and even polished rims! I assure you, you have never seen anything so reflective in your lifetime.
One design element we can't forget are the graphics. Sleek and stylish, just like the scooter. The "Heritage" name is on the side looking almost chrome itself, while there's a set of beautiful deco fenders above the floorboard. Now your new inexpensive and high quality scooter has gone from a classic ride, to a classic work of art. You will be the envy of your neighborhood on your brand new 2012 BMS Heritage Gas Powered 150cc  Automatic Scooter.


  • Pre-Delivery Inspection Adjust, Start & Tune
  • Pre-Safety Inspection
  • Special Custom Packaging
  • Expedited Residential w/Lift-gate Shipping 
  • Free Title and MSO Document Processing
  • Expedited Day Title / MSO Processing
  • Free Rear Luggage Trunk 
  • Remote Alarm System
  • Remote Start/Shut-off System
  • Large Under-Seat Storage with Valet Key
  • Front Anti-Lock Disc Brakes
  • ​Street Legal in all 50 states 
  • Holds Riders 5'5" to 6'6"
  • Speed: 55 MPH+
  • Estimated Gas Mileage: 85 MPG
  • 8.5 HP/ 4 stroke SOHC/ Air cooled 
  • Fully Automatic(CVT)/ Belt Drive|
  • Deni Japanese Carburetor 
  • CST Tires
  • Anti-Lock Brakes 
  • New 2012 Body Style Design 
  • New 2012 Color Schemes 
  • New 2012 Upgraded Wheels 
  • New 2012 Deluxe Instrument Gauges
  • Honda GY6 Blueprint Engine Parts Compatible 
  • Stainless steel Bolts & Nuts
  • Dual Stage Paint Treatment with UV protection
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty - See Link For Details:

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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