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Radar Chase Lounge 3 Tube w/6K Tube Rope

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This auction ended

2012-07-06 14:02 CDT

  • Value Price: $405.99
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Radar Chase Lounge 3 Tube w/6K Tube Rope

Three seats topping Spoon-O-Vation can only mean one thing... a belly laughing good time! The oversized riding platform is fast on the water and neoprene covered seat and back rests make lounging a comfort. Seat separating bolsters hold you in place, as the wild ride takes you on an outbound trajectory. Complete with cup holders for a few frosty summer beverages, The Chase Lounge 3 is sure to please.

Don’t have a boat?  No problem!  Use the Chase Lounge 3 at the swimming pool, the beach or the lake!  With a super comfy seat, cup holders and a built in cooler, you can have your own easy chair anywhere there is water!

63” X 70” (3 riders/510lbs)


There’s no trickery here. No smoke, no mirrors. After all, if you took an X-ray of our tubes, all you would find is air. As you browse our detailed pedigree of plump, overly-buoyant giggle-makers you will find a recurring theme we like to call Spoon-O-Vation. This is the Radar feature that makes you feel like a space man in a bathing suit during your outer galactic voyage. We think you will see how visionary we have been in redefining this puppet-on-a-string-like activity. Our mad scientists reduced a little thing called friction, which positively affected something we like to call “fun”.

We’re hoping that the name is cluing you in a little as to the premise behind Spoon-O-Vation. Yes, the base of our tubes is spoon shaped. This reduces the amount of surface area contacting the water, thus reducing drag and freeing up the tube for more enjoyment from start to finish.

The Chase Lounge 3 also includes a 60’ 6K Tube Rope!  The rope comes in assorted colors.


  • 4100 lbs tube rope
  • For towing up to a maximum of four riders or 680 lbs
  • Special length designedfor multi rider tubes


Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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