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Bushnell 165-Lumen Square Beam LED Light

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This auction ended

2012-06-14 17:23 CDT

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Bushnell 165-Lumen Square Beam LED Light

All high def flashlights claim to help you see further and clearer, that's all standard lingo, but none of them are quite like the new Bushnell HD Torch, which is constructed of light-weight aircraft-grade aluminum and produces a whopping 165 Lumens displayed in a square beam of light. Powered by two 3-volt lithium batteries, this high def flashlights run time is 1.5 hours. The Bushnell HD Torch comes standard with two operating modes: high and safety-strobe for emergency use, making it more than just a flashlight, but also a survival and rescue device if needed.
When we were approached a few weeks ago by the Bushnell team to test and review a flashlight for them, we originally said thanks, but no thanks... Who want's to hear a review about a flashlight anyways? Then they explained more about the HD Torch and it's innovative approach to projecting light, a few conversations later, we knew we had to test it for ourselves!
The Problem: Conventional flashlights produce circular patterns of light that are non-uniform irregular "blobs" of light.
The Solution: Bushnell's innovative and patented technology provides a uniform pattern of light - from edge to edge. Resulting in a perfectly uniform square beam of light and providing "High Definition Illumination." (illustrated in the image below...)


  • Evenly distributed square beam light pattern
  • Powerful 165-lumen output
  • 1.5-hour continuous run time
  • Rugged, waterproof, aircraft-grade aluminum housing with hard-anodized finish that won't scratch or mar
  • Find-Me feature and battery-life indicator

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • 4 of 5 stars
48% (12)
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  • I think it's great   »   Most Recent Review “It's very bright, but I don't find it so bright I can't see outside the edges of the beam. And it's very light for its size.”
  • Great Flashlight   »   Most Helpful Reviews “I find this light extremely useful both at work or home. The "clean" beam edges and excellent level of brightness is all I need for getting around the job sight and lighting up…”
  • Bushnell Square Beam Flashlight   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “Interesting flashlight design. Equilateral beam is in the horizontal or vertical position only . Holding the light at any angle produces a rectangular beam with varying angles at…”

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