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Swarovski Elements SS Serenity Ring + 20 Bids

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This auction ended

2012-04-20 01:43 CDT

  • Value Price: $41.99
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Swarovski Elements SS Serenity Ring - Size 7

Swarovski crystals has been synonymous with style, class and elegance for almost 120 years with the innovations set forth by Daniel Swarovski.  Today, you can own a piece of timeless elegance.  An eye catching crisscross of perfection that is set in sterling silver, each Swarovski element is set to perfection to create a look to call it's own.  People will wonder how to capture such radiance, and you will of course say that only Swarovski can do so!  Ring is sized to a size 7, and is gifted in a jewelry box.


  • Set in sterling silver
  • White Swarovski Crystal
  • Ring is sized to a size 7
  • Arrives in a FREE gift box ready for that special someone.

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 days in the original packaging

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