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Dolica Proline GX Series 65 inch Aluminum Tripod + 1X Gameplay

  • 1X Gameplay
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This auction ended

2012-06-09 12:33 CDT

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Dolica Proline GX Series 65 inch Aluminum Tripod

The all new Dolica GX650 65-inch aluminum alloy tripod and B204 ball head is a complete support system for your camera (SLR with lens, and/or DSLR with lens). It is designed to be lightweight, portable, and stable for any and every occasion.

The Tripod is composed of Anodized Aluminum Alloy (AAA) and Plastic Polymer Composite (PPC). The combination of both materials maximizes the size and reinforced stability it provides to make every photo-shoot perfect.

We also provide the comfort of using NBR foam grips for extreme weather conditions. The comfort grips are nice because you can have a tight grip and know that the tripod will NOT slip from your hands. In extreme weather conditions in a climate of below 30 degrees any metal will be unbearably cold and in an environment that has a temperature of above 90 degrees will heat any metal making it uneasy to maneuver your tripod and that is why we offer the standard of NBR foam grips to this special tripod.

The sleek ball head includes a quick release plate with a 3/8 inch mount for cameras. It attaches to the ball head with a safety lock to prevent the camera from slipping off and falling while loosening your quick release plate. While you have you camera attached to the quick release plate and ball head, you can pan 360 degree and tilt up to 90 degree. You can also attach a lens (i.e. 200mm f/4) mount to the quick release plate and have the comfort of stabilizing with confidence.

The upgraded GX650 tripod has its professional function and additional upgraded features. The three major features are: four level positioning, interchangeable spike/rubber feet, and a dual purpose mount. Uneven surface can be a big issue for many photographers and that is why we engineered our tripod with four levels for high to low level shots. You have the freedom to position each individual leg from a standard position to adjusting each leg at four-different levels. To decrease the chance of slippage, use rubber feet for soft surface, and spike rubber feet for rugged terrain. You can remove the hook from the dual purpose counter weight hook mount from the bottom of the center column, remove the center column, insert the counter weight hook mount on the top of the tripod (attach the camera), adjust each individual leg to ground level, and you’re ready to shoot extremely low macro-shots.


  • Rapid stability center colum
  • Reversible locking center column
  • Durable flip leg locks
  • Integrated tripod bubble level
  • 4-position leg angle adjustment locks (for macro lens)

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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  • 4.5 of 5 stars
67% (47)
22% (15)
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5% (3)
  • If you're a serious camera hobbyist, stay away   »   Most Recent Review “I went ahead and took the bite after seeing the many positive reviews. I just have to say this is near junk! Not only is the ballhead far from smooth, but the legs are terribly…”
  • Almost perfect   »   Most Helpful Reviews “I love this tripod, which replaces an aluminum Bogen that I've had for years. The tripod sets up quickly, and unlike the experience of another reviewer, mine is perfectly level…”
  • Seems good at first, but ballhead broke after three days   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “This seemed like a good, low-cost tripod at first. It is a little wobbly, especially if you use the small (bottom) leg extensions, but I thought that I could live with it until…”

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