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500 Hours Of AOL

  • 1X Gameplay
  • Speed Auction
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This auction ended

2013-04-01 18:14 CDT

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500 Hours Of AOL

Just think what you could do with all this free Internet access! Perhaps join an America Online chat room or wait on your dial-up connection to stop whirring and buzzing so violently that you fear your computer might combust.

Unfortunately this 500 Free Hours disc only supports your time online, and not your Wifi access or the amount of money you spend bidding on QuiBids, so maybe this isn’t exactly a super-desirable prize. Why don’t we just agree to bid on it for nostalgia’s sake, eh? The same reason we read Buzzfeed listicles or occasionally break out the ol’ Gameboy and fire up Pokemon Blue, am I right?

This auction is completely fictional and cannot be shipped or fulfilled in any way.  It is part of our April Fool’s promotion and meant strictly for fun.


Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: No Returns

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