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SOL Republic Amps In-Ear Headphones for Android - Red

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This auction ended

2012-11-24 12:36 CST

  • Value Price: $59.99
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SOL Republic Amps In-Ear Headphones for Android - Red

Amps are in-ear headphones featuring i4 Sound EngineTM speakers, curved in-ear design to match the ear's natural shape and a right-angle connector so the cable doesn't break. Comfortable in-ear headphones engineered to stay in place while providing a secure seal.Equipped with a right-angle connector so the cable doesn't break nor does it does it put stress on or break the connector on your player Available with four multiple tip options for the perfect fit in any ear Equipped with remote and microphone for AndroidDesigned to nest comfortably in your ear with SOL REPUBLIC round Sound Engines Engineered with angled shafts that mirror the natural shape of the ear canal - fit focusedCompatibilityAudio works on all phones and audio players with a 3.5 mm jack Microphone works on almost all Android & Blackberry Phones Microphone + 3-button remote control works on iPods, iPhones & iPads


  • Ear Tips For Life
  • Compatible with Android
  • Single Button Remote Control

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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Review Snapshot

  • 3.5 of 5 stars
39% (30)
17% (13)
12% (9)
15% (11)
19% (14)
  • JUNK!!!   »   Most Recent Review “JUNK!!!- stopped working like it was on a clock timer- exactly day after 30 day warranty! No recourse but throw away in trash can- save your money and spend on something else!!!”
  • Subwoofer in your ear!   »   Most Helpful Reviews “These headphones surprised the hell out of me when I first listened to them. I honestly did not know that an in ear headphone could have so much base for being so small!”
  • Doesn't perform well   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “Compared this to V-moda, Skull Candy 50/50, iBeats, and Monster N-Ergy. This pair is the worst. Not enough bass, not enough treble.”

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