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Super Power - You Choose It

  • 1X Gameplay
  • Speed Auction
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This auction ended

2013-04-01 23:45 CDT

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Super Power - You Choose It

Superpowers! Totally awesome, right? Absolutely. On the other hand, what’s not so awesome is contracting a superpower, as comic books have shown that that is an often debilitatingly painful process. Radioactive spiderbites, gamma bomb blast exposure, cosmic radiation, losing your parents to a common street mugger: all agreeably terrible. So why subject yourself to that when you can just win this Superpower You Choose It and pick between teleportation, enhanced musculo-skeletal structure, and the ability to fly yourself?

This auction is completely fictional and cannot be shipped or fulfilled in any way.  It is part of our April Fool’s promotion and meant strictly for fun.


  • Super Strength like the Hulk or Superman?
  • Ability to Fly like Thor or... Superman?
  • Spidey-senses and the ability to web-sling like Spiderman?
  • Indescructable Skeleton like Wolverine? 
  • Teleportation like Night Crawler?
  • Super Speed like the Flash?
  • Whatever kind of powers Aquaman has? 
  • Any other power not listed above?

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: No Returns

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