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Waring Pro WPPDM112 Drink Mixer - Retro Green

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This auction ended

2013-01-06 19:00 CST

  • Value Price: $149.99
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Waring Pro WPPDM112 Drink Mixer - Retro Green

The Waring Drink Mixer has performed professionally for years. Best known for making rich and creamy milkshakes, this Waring Drink Mixer comes with a 2-speed motor, durable die-cast metal base, and that classic solid stainless steel 24 ounce Mixing Cup. Now you can put its expertise to work for you. Best known for rich and creamy milkshakes, this sturdy drink mixer also does smooth and delicious healthy drinks, like yogurt shakes with wheat germ and fresh fruit. It will froth eggs for fluffy omelets and blend pancake batter, too. The Waring Drink Mixer comes with a 2-speed motor, durable die-cast metal base, and that classic, solid stainless steel 24 oz. mixing cup that the professionals use.


  • Ideal for making shakes, whipping cream, or blending eggs
  • 28-ounce stainless-steel cup
  • Heavy-duty 2-speed commercial motor
  • Cleans easily with warm soapy water
  • Five-year motor warranty
  • Retro Green Finish
  • Chrome-Plated Motor Cover
  • Durable Die-Cast Metal Base
  • Automatic-Start/Stop Operation
  • Classis Single Spindle Mixer
  • Solid 24 oz. Stainless Steel Mixing Cup

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

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Review Snapshot

  • 4.5 of 5 stars
58% (8)
29% (4)
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15% (2)
  • love   »   Most Recent Review “works great for making special treats for my kids who love there shakes, great for making each one there different flavors they want”
  • Awesome!!!   »   Most Helpful Reviews “Great product. The professional mixer that i have been looking for. Make a lot of cold coffees (frappe), and this product is perfect.”
  • no start   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “Never worked out of the box. If it doesn't go, the point is moot, no rating above a one star is possible.”

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