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AKG K451 High-Performance Mini Headphones

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This auction ended

2013-02-20 23:28 CST

  • Value Price: $149.99
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AKG K451 High-Performance Mini Headphones

*This product is offered exclusively to private users and not to commercial or semi-commercial retailers.

Bring dynamic audio and hands-free communication anywhere you go with these AKG K451 over-the-ear headphones that feature a 3D-Axis2 folding mechanism and in-line microphone for ease during travel. The closed-back ear pads isolate sound for rich detail. 

Wherever you go, the K451 goes with you. The AKG® K451 high-performance, foldable mini headset is one of the most convenient on-the-go accessories you can find.  At only 120 grams (4.2 ounces), the K451 is easy to bring anywhere. It's compatible with smartphones and MP3 players, including iPad, iPod and iPhone models. Its ear pads are so soft that you can easily wear it for hours. And its inline microphone and remote control keep your hands free. What's more, the K451 offers sensational sound: a wide frequency range (11Hz to 29.5kHz), great sensitivity (126dB SPL/V) and a closed-back design that preserves and delivers every note from your source device. Whether you're flying to exotic lands or walking around your house, the K451 headset can keep your ears happy.


  • Compatibility with any MP3 player
  • Two single-sided, detachable, 99.99% oxygen-free cables
  • In-line remote control and microphone
  • Soft ear pads for maximum comfort
  • Closed-back design
  • Brand Name: AKG
  • Model: AKGK451
  • Color Name: black
  • Item Weight: 0.26 pounds

Shipping Cost: Free!

Return Policy: Within 30 in the original packaging

Due to limited availability, users may only win 1 of these items per 90 days.

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9% (1)
  • Best portable headphones I could find   »   Most Recent Review “I bought these without doing any side-by-side listening, because after I'd made a list of the features i wanted, the k451s didn't seem to have much competition (if I missed…”
  • Compact body with big sound   »   Most Helpful Reviews “In summary: -Great sound in a compact form -Rich but "non-crazy" bass -Comfortable for hours at a time -Minimal sound leakage - The passenger next to you on a train or plain…”
  • Drivers aren't matched   »   Most Helpful Critical Reviews “These headphones are terrible. Two pairs from different retailers have the same problem: the left driver is muffled. It produces a significantly quieter and lower-quality sound…”

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